Heritage of Excellence
With a strong academic heritage of over six decades, Taylor's is at the forefront of Malaysian education.

Taylor’s Education Group has 9 institutions with over 22,000 students in Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam. With its established higher education institutions, Taylor’s University and Taylor’s College, Taylor’s offers a comprehensive and seamless educational experience from Early Years right up to tertiary and postgraduate levels.

Best of East & West
We aim to instill good morals and great values in all our students that lead towards responsible and exemplary character.

Our character building principles are grounded in the best of Eastern and Western philosophies.

We train and encourage students to be leaders who are passionate and caring about the community around them, the environment and also to be positive influences in a growing global society.

Learning Environment
The learning at Taylor’s prepares learners for the world of tomorrow.

Taylor’s International School is the first step to this exceptional education that paves the way to a successful future. Students will be assured of an excellent learning environment which provides holistic experience that nurtures them to achieve their full potential.

Our state-of-the-art facilities create the learning spaces that allow students to explore and learn with inquisitive minds. Through the best teaching and learning practices conducted within an engaging and interactive environment, students will be nurtured with the essential skills to take their productive places as leaders in the global community.

Holistic Learning
The changing global landscape makes it imperative for multi-disciplinary approaches in educating.

We provide balanced learning experiences that call forth a passion for learning by covering six key areas of development called the six dimensions of learning.

We believe these areas of focus will better nurture lifelong learners and equip students with the essential skills, confidence and knowledge that will give them an edge on the ever-competitive global stage.

Seamless Education Progression
Taylor’s International School students will experience many advantages in planning their education with Taylor’s.

They can have a headstart in planning for their higher education and look forward to a seamless educational experience to tertiary level with Taylor’s College and Taylor’s University.

Taylor’s International School has two campuses located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur city and the suburb of Puchong.

These schools provide affordable quality education to Malaysian and expatriates staying around these communities. We aim to be exceptional neighbourhood international curriculum schools that are easily accessible and continue Taylor’s fine tradition of developing the nation’s youth into well-rounded and purposeful leaders.

Future expansion plans will see a Taylor’s International School in every major city in Malaysia.