This week in Year 6, parents dropped into classes on 5th July and participated in their children’s learning. The hour session focused on Literature Circle, with the students doing hands-on activities to consolidate learning in reading comprehension. The class teachers were delighted by the numbers of parents that attended the session, and it was clear that the Mums and Dads thoroughly enjoyed participating in the learning activities.  

Year 6 were also excited to participate in a Year 6 interclass storytelling competition on 7th July. The objective of this competition was to develop imaginative thinking and to train the student’s public speaking skills. 
This year, fifteen contestants were selected from 5 classes to take part in the final of the exciting storytelling competition, which was eloquently hosted by Nik Imran Nik Mohamed Sharifidin. Each contestant had 3 to 5 minutes to show off their speaking and performance skills, telling a story of their own choice. They were enthusiastic and told their stories with confidence and energy. 

Year 3 celebrated the Exit Point for the, “Footprints from the Past” IPC unit focusing on Dinosaurs. The students made masks, played with logic puzzles, used iPads to play dinosaur games and completed a dinosaur activity sheet. They all enjoyed themselves and look forward to the next unit.

Year 3 also had a Parents Drop-In session on Friday 7th July where they were able to show the Mums and Dads of Year 3 how the students learn in a fun and motivating way through activities linked to English Language. 

Graeme Paton Young  
Acting Head of Primary