Recently in Year 2, parents dropped into classes on 14th July and participated in their children’s learning. The session focused on Talk4Writing, with the students teaching their parents about the ways that they use Talk4Writing to construct a story before presenting it and eventually getting it down on paper. The class teachers were delighted by the numbers of parents that attended the session, and it was clear that the Mums and Dads thoroughly enjoyed participating in the learning activities.  

Year 6 had their trip to the Kalumpang River, Tanjung Malim last week, as part of their IPC Topic “Go with the Flow” They had a very exciting time seeing if their self-built boats could flow freely down the river.

In Year 1, the students were studying Compound words. This was introduced to them by interactive activities.  The children were quick to pick up the understanding and participated in the activities with confidence and enthusiasm.

It was a hugely enjoyable and interactive experience for students and teachers alike!

Mr Graeme
Acting Head of Primary