Merdeka Parade

Over 1000 waving flags brightened the parade of Early Years and Primary teachers and students, celebrating the 60th Independence Day for Malaysia (Merdeka 60). This annual parade gives everyone the chance to show off their traditional costume, whether it be Malaysian or international. We are very proud to be part of the national celebrations. 

Once upon a time…..

There were one hundred and thirty children learning about Fairy Tales. They read them, talked about them, acted out scenes from them, and finally planned to write them. They learned so much and had fun sharing their ideas with their friends….. And they all lived happily ever after!

Shreya shines!

Year 3 student Shreya Sinha was thrilled to be part of the Malaysian Taekwondo demo team which performed in the SEA Games Taekwondo competition opening ceremony at the end of August. Shreya was part of the ‘Lil Angels’ section, showcasing the first 40 steps of taekwondo. 

Shreya said that she was a little bit excited, but not nervous at all! Well done, Shreya!

Climate Change

Year 5 students arrived in school one day to find a surprise art exhibition had been set up, with the theme of Climate Change, their latest IPC unit. The children found the pictures very thought provoking, which led to lots of questions being asked. Later, students had the opportunity to create their own poster, visualising their thinking and ideas.

Active Planet

Volcanoes, earthquakes and other natural disasters were the focus of students in Year 4 as they learned about our planet in their IPC lessons. This unit is always enjoyed immensely by teachers and students alike, and you can see photos from the Exit Point in the gallery.