The school cafeteria provides a variety of food and drinks that ranges from Chinese, Malay, Indian and Western cuisine.
Meals that are prepared are healthy,nutritious and well-balanced. Great emphasis is made on food safety and hygiene and also in ensuring the dining area as well as the kitchen, food storage facility as well as the food preparation area is systematically kept clean and safe. As a school we feel that it is our responsibility to encourage our students to make healthier choices when it comes to eating habits. 
Cafeteria Menu 
  • WEEK 1 (3rd July - 7th July)
  • WEEK 2 (10th July - 14th July )
  • WEEK 3 (17th July - 21st July )
  • WEEK 4 (24th July - 28th July )
  • WEEK 1 (31st July - 4th August)
  • WEEK 2 (7th August - 11th August)
  • WEEK 3 (14th August - 18th August)
  • WEEK 4 (21st August - 25th August)
  • WEEK 5 (28th August - 31st August)