TIS Puchong offers not only a new blueprint for international educational excellence but also the advantages of a nurturing learning environment.

Heritage of Excellence

With a strong academic heritage of over six decades, Taylor's is at the forefront of Malaysian education.

Taylor’s Education Group has 9 institutions with over 22,000 students in Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam. With its established higher education institutions, Taylor’s University and Taylor’s College, we offer a comprehensive and seamless educational experience from Early Years right up to tertiary and postgraduate studies.

Best of East & West

We aim to instill good morals and great values in all our students that lead towards responsible and exemplary character.

Our character building principles are grounded in the best of Eastern and Western philosophies.

We train and encourage students to be leaders who are passionate and caring about the community around them, the environment and also to be positive influences in a growing global society.

Holistic Learning

The changing global landscape makes it imperative for multi-disciplinary approaches in educating.

We provide balanced learning experiences that call forth a passion for learning by covering six key areas of development called the six dimensions of learning.

We believe these areas of focus will better nurture lifelong learners and equip students with the essential skills, confidence and knowledge that will give them an edge on the ever-competitive global stage.

World-class Facilities

The School is built with state-of-the-art facilities to provide a world-class learning environment for students. The large and open learning spaces with cutting-edge facilities are designed to inspire and stimulate the mind to new possibilities where the concept of learning is redefined.

Learning takes place everywhere in the physical spaces and not confined to the classroom. The architectural of the campus is environmentally sustainable where it allows optimum natural lighting, encourages natural ventilation and minimizes solar radiation.

This environmentally friendly surrounding enables students to learn anywhere and at anytime with their teachers. TIS Puchong offers a nurturing learning environment to students.

Technology Innovation

TIS Puchong pioneered technology innovation in it's operation system. The School has introduced an innovative e-card that integrates multiple smart solutions.

The e-card enables the cafeteria and bookshop to operate on a cashless system and free students from the hassle of bringing money to school. The e-card also allows students to borrow books from the library. For parents, the e-card has an e-purse function that allows the convenient and safe transaction of pre-order meals as well as e-payment.

On top of that the e-card also functions as a security pass for pick-up authorization where pick-up notification is communicated via a mobile pick-up system. At TIS Puchong, we offer a wholesome smart solution to the school community.

Seamless Education Progression

TIS Puchong students will experience many advantages in planning their education with Taylor’s.

They can have a headstart in planning for their higher education and look forward to a seamless educational experience to tertiary level with Taylor’s College and Taylor’s University.