It is incredible how fast the last three weeks have flown by with the term now in full swing. The respective Primary and Secondary teams have been working very hard in order to get everyone up to speed and working efficiently and effectively. As part of this work, a number of new policies and initiatives are being put into place. In the interests of opening up communication channels between parents and school, I have published an updated communication procedure that is aimed at not only promoting positive dialogue but also ensuring that enquiries are appropriately targeted and efficiently handled. This initiative will be further refined and broadened next term with details being published before we break at the end of November.
Next week I will be initiating the launch of the Parent Teacher Student and Friends Forum. This important body is vital to providing liaison, support and positive critical friendship in respect of how we support children’s learning journey. Involving and utilising the parent body is critical to a successful school and an area of our operations that I am very keen to appropriately profile and utilise as a key support and development mechanism.
The week in Sports has been a busy one with our teams being highly successful in securing victories in their matches and placings in ongoing competitions as part of our participation in a wide range of KLISS competitions. More details are contained in this newsletter that bely a determination and team spirit that are both enviable and characteristic of Taylor’s. Well done to all participants and good luck in the competitions that follow!
Changing the focus slightly, you will shortly be receiving a letter that details the first stages of our renewed approach to cybersafety and online bullying and how parents and school can work closely together to ensure that our students are appropriately guided but are also kept safe in the world of technology.
For academics, we are currently reviewing curriculum and offering further training for teachers and assistants in general teaching and curriculum related matters. Plans are currently being made to bring in more expertise to train teachers across the school in the art of good pedagogical practice and I look forward to sharing more detail of this initiative with you as the term progresses.
In the meantime, I invite you to enjoy our newsletter and the wonderful achievements made by our students that it contains.
Wishing you all a restful weekend and a positive week ahead.
Best wishes,

David Flint 斐迪偉
Principal of Taylor’s International School Puchong