Last week we ended the week with a fitting tribute to Merdeka day. The children shared their learning on the history of the nation with songs, poems and costume displays. We talked about how independence allows for the kind of freedom to have your own identity and to be able to express this identity. Our assembly certainly displayed this in an appropriate and enjoyable manner! This week started with a surprise national holiday which I hope many of you have enjoyed.  

On Tuesday learning was back at full swing in Taylor's Primary school. During my rounds in classes I again experienced lots of examples of rigorous learning in classes. The kind of learning that fully engages the children and makes them want to learn and discover more. It’s the kind of focus that makes time go by without even noticing it.

In today’s assembly we spoke about Taylor’s core value of Respecting and caring for each other. We looked at what ‘respect’ means and how we can demonstrate it. The children were left with the questions: “Who do we show respect to and when do we show respect?” I am confident they all will come up next week with the right answers!

Wishing you all a lovely weekend with your children.
Mr. Marco Damhuis(Head of Primary) 
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