As another term draws to a close, we see that another landmark has been reached as we have to say goodbye to some of our friends here at TISPC and hello to others. Over the past three years Mr. Paul Rogers has been an outstanding Principal and he will missed by all of us. When a school opens its doors for the first time, the preparation and organisational matters that needed to be completed were fundamental in laying the foundations for what the school will be like in the future. As each year has passed and Mr. Paul has directed and guided the school, building on these foundations, it is clear we have made excellent progress and we are developing into a school that will obviously make an outstanding impression on all stakeholders by what has been achieved. I am sure that Mr. Paul’s next phase of his own life journey will be helped by the many memories and friends he has made at TISPC and Malaysia. Thank you Mr. Paul and and we wish you well.

I am sure some of you will recall previous letters that mention we also have some teachers in the Secondary section leaving this term for various reasons. Thanks again to Ms. Jannah, Ms. Kavitha and Ms. Siti Maziah for all their hard word with the students and trust that their next move will also bring equal if not better rewards.

I would like to take this opportunity to also thank Ms. Lynne for joining us in the leadership team as Head of Primary. It has been a pleasure working with you directly and I am sure that we will continue to benefit from the networking that is continued between the Taylor’s schools in the future.

When the school opens again on 21st August, there will be very little change to daily routines and systems, but with the obvious change of leadership. Having a new Principal and Head of Primary will bring some change. As I have been here in Taylor’s for 2 years, I feel I can say that the vision for Taylor’s has always been to raise our learners to be “Leaders that make clear decisions that impact themselves and those around them in a positive manner”. This will also not change, however it is an exciting time as Mr. David as Principal and Mr. Marco as Head of Primary will bring fresh ideas and experiences that will enhance the vision and support the development of Taylor’s that will continue to build on the foundations laid by Mr. Paul. Lifelong learning is a developing phrase that encourage all of us to see that we are all learners, Taylor’s International School Puchong will always be a place for learning with excellence for students, teachers, managers, leaders and support staff as well as parents. Together we focus on every child’s development. Mr. David and Mr. Marco are excited to be with us on this journey and we are all delighted to welcome them to team Taylor’s.

I would like to wish the best of luck to all our Year 11 students who will receive some BM or Mandarin IGCSE results during the holidays. On 10th August, Cambridge publish the results to each school and within 24 hours, students who have online access will also be able to login to the Cambridge Results Service website where they can access the results independently. All students have been given passwords and usernames for the results service. If there are difficulties in obtaining the results, please contact the school where we may be able to arrange new passwords to be issued.

The first day of term 3 is Monday 21st August and trust that all parents and students have a well deserved break. We encourage our Year 11 students to start preparing for the October exams and use this holiday to plan revision timetables and be aware of what they need to do and to create their own calendar of deadlines for individual revision objectives. On the return to school in term 3 we will guide and review these revision structures with all Year 11 students.

Mr. Mike Moreton (Head of Secondary)
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