It has been another great week in the Secondary section. After settling down from the excitement from last week’s Merdeka celebrations, this week has seen a strong focus on building the awareness of the expectations gained from the learning opportunities in every classroom. Teachers are constantly reminding students about concentrating and ensuring active participation in lessons and there has been some exciting interactive learning taking place. I particularly enjoyed seeing the interaction and leadership opportunities evidenced by our Global Perspective IGCSE students. The elements of the course ensure that individual students and small groups take responsibilities for leading initiatives on key areas that affect us all, and communicating this to other effectively are key skills in this process.

In Year 11, many of the IGCSE subjects have completed teaching the content areas, although there are still some Science and Humanities subjects to finish, ensuring all content has been adequately covered in readiness for the October/November examination series. In subjects where content has been completed, revision lessons take place and past paper questions are being reviewed. On the 13th October we will have completed the Year 11 teaching timetable and the timetable will be collapsed. Some students will be given permission for study leave upon request, however there will focused revision workshops each day to focus on the exams during that week, and there will be supervised revision sessions each lesson each day in school. If you wish for your son/daughter to revise at home during this examination period then please contact the school so that we recognise parental permission for this has been given.

Please note some diary information for Keystage 3 parents. Years 7, 8 & 9 internal examinations take place on Monday 2nd, Tuesday 3rd and Wednesday 4th October and during these 3 days, the school day will end at 3:00pm inline with the Primary end to the school day. buses will be leaving at the normal anticipated time as the Year 10 examinations and Year 11 classes will be finishing at 3:30pm.

Finally a reminder for all parents of Secondary students to ensure they have their “Engage Portal” login information as this will give access to previous terms assessment information and access to the end of year reports that will be coming out near the end of term.

Mr. Mike Moreton (Head of Secondary)
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