Continuous Professional Development

At Taylor’s International School (TIS), professional development for our teachers is a critical factor in ensuring quality in our teaching and learning. Therefore, our teachers set aside time each week to continuously develop their professional skills, as well as to update their knowledge in the latest teaching pedagogies. Teachers at TIS use BlueSky an online system, which allows them to self-evaluate against professional standards and set areas for further development. These self evaluation results are used to customise and assign developmental programmes for each teacher or to groups of teachers. By matching needs to individuals, this ensures that the quality and effectiveness of  teaching across the school's is increased which then results in better learning by the students.

As part of Taylor’s Schools, with over 70 years of experience in teaching and learning, teachers at TIS also possess the advantage of learning through shared best practices across all the international schools within the group. Taylor's Schools work together, with the purpose of continuously improving our approach, to deliver high quality education.

Ultimately, our priority is to ensure that our teachers continue with lifelong learning, which enables us to nurture your children in our classrooms in the best possible way.