TIS has a full time counsellor who provides student counselling. The service offers a safe and confidential environment for students to talk about any issues related to their mental or emotional health or learning. Counselling is about getting help to find solutions, learning to deal with issues in life and getting support through difficult times. 

The counselling service in school is run professionally and it follows the Counselling Code of Ethics set by the Malaysian Board of Counsellors (Lembaga Kaunselor Malaysia). Confidentiality is maintained unless information is revealed that the student or anyone else is at risk of any kind of harm or physical danger.

Students and parents are welcome to enquire more about the service.

The counsellor is available Mondays to Fridays during school hours at the Counsellor’s Room (Ground Floor, Academic Block.).

To make an appointment, you may call 03-89325000 Ext 100 or email: counsellor@kl.tis.edu.my

About The Counsellor

May Toh holds a Master Degree in Counselling Psychology, Bachelor Degree in Finance and Advance Diploma in Special Education. She has been working as a counsellor for more than 10 years in different counselling settings like tertiary institutions, schools and non-governmental organisations. She is a registered and licensed counsellor under the Board of Counsellors of Malaysia. She is also an accredited administrator and practitioner for DISC Human Behavior Instrument.
May Toh is passionate to work with children and youngsters and she has over 9 years of school and college guidance and counselling experience in supporting students' personal, social, academic and career development. She strongly believes that every individual is unique and life has ups and downs, sweet and sour moments in known and unknown areas. Thus, on reflection and deep introspection, people will have the strength to uncover the unknown, discover their strength and possibilities and to unleash their fullest potential.