Welcome back to school and a Happy New Year to everyone. During the holidays, the school campus just doesn't feel ‘right’, as there are no students around, so it is great that the energy, noise and activity of nearly 1800 students has brought the campus back to life. We are a very busy school, so I urge all parents to access their school email account frequently. Here you will receive information and communication about the school and your child’s activities. You will be able to access the school calendar from this email, and also from https://www.tis.edu.my/kl/news-events/school-calendar which is part of the school wbesite. This calendar is very important, as the dates and events here will keep you up to speed with what the school is doing.
In the last year, the school has gone largely ‘PAPERLESS’, this means that communications are online, calendars are online, student reports are online and a lot more. If you have any problems accessing this information, please let us know and we will help. Contact reception and they will be able to connect you to the right person.

Parents in school

On the first few days of the school year, we have younger students starting school for the first time and we allow parents to park on the basketball court and be in the school. Please remember that the basketball courts are a teaching area and as such we cannot have cars parked on there regularly. 

I would also like to remind parents that they should not be on the teaching corridors after 8.15 am, as this can be disruptive to the teaching that is occuring. Messages for your children can be passed to the Primary and/or Secondary offices. Here Ms Mazuin (Primary) and Ms Pat (Secondary) will be able to help you.

Parents can bring food in for their children, but this must be halal in nature, and can be left on the tables at the entrance to the school. Please make sure that the package is labeled with your child's name and class. The guards will be able to help you with this process, if you haven’t done it before, but please make sure your child knows to collect the food.

Cars in school and the car park

As all existing parents know, the traffic situation in the school can be difficult. We have nearly 1000 vehicles coming into and out of school each day, and there is very little space for parents to park in the car park.

From Monday 15th January, the car park will be closed between 8.30am and  2.30pm, with a pickup ‘window’ for EY parents between 12pm and 12.45pm. Parents and drivers will still be able to drop off late children/items at the U-turn by the main entrance, but cars will be directed back out of the school. There will be no parking in school between these times.

At the start of term it is also a good time to remind all parents:

-In the morning, the entry road into the school needs 2 lanes for traffic to flow. Therefore cars MUST NOT park in the middle of the road until 8.15am.
- The car park cannot work if cars are not parked in the correct places. Please do not block, or double park even for a few minutes.
- Please be respectful parking  in the housing area outside school, it has been known in the past for parents to block the driveways of houses!
- Please follow the instructions of the guards, as they are trying to make the car park work
The car park is very busy in the morning and afternoon. This does mean that everyone should show respect to all other car users and think about the consequences of their actions, for the traffic to flow properly.

Lightning detector

Malaysia can be quite a dangerous place in electrical storms, and so during the holidays, we have fitted a lightning detector to the school buildings, for the protection of all users of the campus. This alarm will alert the school to approaching lightning, by sounding an alarm sound similar in tone to a loud car horn. There are also orange flashing beacons, attached to the guard house and outside the sports hall to visually warn everyone. 
The sequence of events are as follows
-no sound and no flashing lights  = no lightning
-loud horn sound and flashing lights = start of the lightning approaching
-flashing lights only = lightning is around the area

-loud horn sound and no flashing lights = lightning has gone away.

Our students will be trained that in a lightning storm, they should be in the main buildings, and under cover. Sports fixtures will be suspended during these lightning events, and so everyone will move from the field to the main buildings. This alarm is for everyone’s safety and it is expected that everyone will follow the simple rules.

It is worth remembering that lightning doesn't always occur when it is raining, and that not all rain storms have lightning, and that every year, a number of people in Malaysia are killed by lightning.