We are in our penultimate week of the school year and perhaps even busier than usual!

This week we have the Secondary enrichment trips, with trips to Vietnam, Korea, Nepal, Cherating, Singapore, Penang, Shanghai and Perak. These trips are have been planned out for many months and everyone is eager to visit their destinations. We wish all the travellers, safe journeys and hope that they “leave nothing but footprints and take away great memories”. I look forward to hearing their stories when they come back.

The  IGCSE and A level  exams come to a close next week with the final exam on Thursday. I know the Year 11 students are looking forward to the end, when they can at long last relax.

Our Year 6 students will spend a few days in Year 7 next week with the transition period where they will be exposed to secondary teachers and classrooms and get a glimpse of what they will experience next year. There are a lot of excited students in Year 6 looking forward to this.

Next week is our final school week of 2018, and with this brings a number of celebration sessions. Below there is a reminder about the dates for these events.
Wednesday 21st is the Secondary Celebration evening
Thursday 22nd morning are the Primary and EY Celebrations
Friday 23rd is the final day of school, and the Year 11 graduation.

Please remember that Tuesday 20th is a public holiday.