Last week we welcomed Mark Reardon from Quantum Learning back to the school and Malaysia. We started working with Quantum Learning from the U.S. over ten years ago as part of transforming Sri Garden to Taylor’s International School. The Quantum Learning system helps teachers to change their style of teaching to be more interactive and student centered. Over the years, this process has proved to be very successful in our classrooms. 

As many parents found out last week, when they attended Mark’s briefing about Quantum Learning, teaching has changed in the last few years to reflect the way that children learn. Parents were led through some simple exercises to show how learning can be both fun and effective, and why this is the case. Thank you to all those parents who came to this session.

The impact that the Quantum Learning strategies have in the classroom with students is huge and one that our students now see as normal. Gone are the days of children sitting in rows, listening to the teacher talking all the time. Your child’s lessons will be ‘chunked’ into smaller sections, they could be playing games, they could have music in lessons, they will be collaborating with each other, and so much more to involve them in their own learning. They will have agreements in lessons which describe how they interact with others. In short, it will be different to when you were at school, but this is to make learning more effective and fun.  

Security in school is something that we continue to review.  Before I write about the most recent changes, I would like to remind all parents that they must wear their school ID tag at all times in the school compound. This enables staff and students at the school to know who you are.

Visitors to school this term will know that we have upgraded the main entry gate from the car park. If, as a parent,  you visit the school during normal classroom hours, you will now be asked what is the purpose of your visit. Another reminder here, that parents are not allowed to be on the classroom corridors during lesson times. If you have a meeting or need to visit the Primary or Secondary offices, you will now be given a separate tag to identify where you are going. 

A final reminder is that if you would like to take your child out of school during school hours, you will need to complete a form in the appropriate section office. The guards will ask for this form, when you try to leave the school gates.

I would urge all parents to respect these rules and the upgrades that we have made, as they are made to keep your children safe in school.