Last week we had the surprise of a water main burst in Taman Maluri,  which resulted in a failure of our water supply. Fortunately we were able to bring in a water tanker to help us survive the day. Everyone was surprised by the size of this tanker; it is probably more surprising to hear that we use twice this amount of water every day! Next time you look at your water bill think of the school.

On a more serious note, we can operate without electricity for quite a while, since the classrooms only get darker and warmer but lessons can continue. However, without water, we could quickly move to some unsanitary conditions. Unfortunately we do need electricity to keep the water flowing around the school!

Parking in school

It has come to our attention that we do have some parents who are parking in school during the day, and then leaving the school site to go shopping or to eat. This is not acceptable, and should not happen. We have great difficulty parking our bon-afide visitors who have appointments. If your car is parked in school during the school day, you must be in school for an appointment. This is especially important when we need to move cars for an emergency.

We will be monitoring the parking, and are looking into the use of clamps to dissuade people from leaving their cars in school when they have left the campus.
Peter Wells