We are in a very busy period of the school term, with many different activities coming up. Both the Primary and Secondary sections are publishing lists of dates (which are also in the school calendar). Please be aware of these dates.

Year 11 have just started their trial (or mock exams). These are very important exams that enable the student to gauge where they are in their revision and preparation. In effect, these exams are the last opportunity to practise their techniques under exam conditions. Good luck to them and I hope they remember the famous quote from the golfer Gary Player:“ The more I practise, the luckier I get”. Good luck to the Year 11 students.

A reminder to everyone that the school is organising a charity fun run towards the end of July. The main focus of this event is to raise much needed funds for a small number of charities. All the details can be found on this website

This event is a really good (and easy) way for all of us to contribute to these charities.