As you will now be aware, the water disruption that has hit quite a few areas of the city, has affected us here in school. First and foremost please be aware, that we do work hard to make sure that events like this, have a limited effect on the school lives of our students, however a more important factor than their education is the health and safety of all the member of the school community. 

At any particular time during the school day, we have over 2000 people on the school campus. Obviously the school has large water tanks but it might be of interest to you, to know that we use 15000 gallons of water each day, and our tanks will only keep the school operating for just over a day! We delayed the closing notice as we wanted to see whether we could keep the school open on Wednesday. Unfortunately that wasn't going to be the case, as the water to the school switched off earlier on Tuesday.

Currently we do have some water in the tanks but not enough to keep the school going for another school day. We don’t want to put students and adults in the position of having to use toilets with no flushing water, or no access to water for washing hands, this is unhygienic and unhealthy. The cafeteria would also not be able to provide food and drink, without compromising their hygiene standards.

Students should have work to do at home provided through the Google Sites for Primary and through the Google Classrooms for older students.

We will continue to monitor the water situation and as soon as we have water coming back into the school to fill the tanks, then we know that the school can reopen.
It might also be of interest to you to know that schools in London have had to close for the very same reason, water disruption but in their case it is due to damage to pipes after the very cold weather that the UK experienced in the last two weeks.

Thank you for your understanding and please monitor our Facebook page and the school website for any changes to the situation.