Negaraku and Merdeka Celebrations

The term started with an exciting entry point to our locally written IPC unit. In its second year, the learning about Malaysia has been extended to four weeks, during which local and national history and geography will be studied across the whole of the Early Years/Primary school. Parents are invited to the Exit Point on Friday 20th September.

On Friday 30th August, we celebrated Merdeka with our traditional parade leading to a colourful congregation on the basketball court. 

During our weekly assembly, Classes 3T and 3A presented a humorous showcase of famous Malaysians in sports, arts, business and politics, before singing ‘Saya Anak Malaysia’ - I am a child of Malaysia. 

Full Shields Achievers

I was extremely proud to present certificates to 134 students from Year 2 to Year 6, who achieved Full Shields (100 percent) in the ESOL examinations at Starters, Movers and Flyers levels. Pictured here are the Flyers recipients.

Upcoming Charity Fundraisers

On Friday the 13th of September, students are encouraged to wear Pink and/or Purple clothing and pay a minimum of RM5 to raise money for the National Cancer Council of Malaysia. In addition, the Secondary Student Council are holding The Amazing Race and Food & Games Carnival on Saturday, September 28th to boost funds for cancer charities. Primary students can support the event by participating in The Amazing Race or purchasing coupons for the Saturday extravaganza.