Welcome to the Early Years /Primary newsletter 2018! 

As Mr Wells said in his introduction, it is wonderful to have the children back in school, excited to be with their friends and ready to learn new things. On the first day of school, we had almost 100 new students joining TISKL primary, most of whom are in Year 1. 

First Day in School

For some children this is the first day of formal schooling, and for most of them, the challenge of a longer day. To ease them in, we arrange a half-day session, so that they are not too overwhelmed and fatigued by the big change.

Students in Year 1 and 2 shared information about themselves with their new friends. Here you can see pictures of Class 1S enjoying their first day activities, and some self portraits from Class 2O.

Paperless Communication

Since 2017, we have been on a paperless drive and this year we plan to extend this to all letters, reporting and assessment in the primary section. We understand the need to occasionally send a paper note or letter home, particularly for our young students, but essentially we ask you to check your family school Gmail and the Parent Zone within this website. Parents and guardians will have received a Welcome letter from me dated 8th January, and much of the information you need immediately is therein, with the other main source of information being the Parent/Student Information Handbook 2018.

Ms Adrianna (IT Integrator) will be holding a Paperless Party for Parents on Friday 12 January and Friday 19 January, from 8am-9am in the school hall. There, you can learn about Google Sites, Google Classroom, family Gmail and more!

Year Leaders will share the relevant Site addresses with parents and guardians, and Weekly Summaries, Home Learning, Letters, Photos and Notices can be found there.

Let’s help to reduce the use of paper in TISKL!

Wishing you all a happy and successful academic year 2018! Next week check the newsletter for Good News about a teacher and a student!

Best wishes,
Lynne Cadenhead