Hari Raya Celebrations

The Bahasa Malaysia and Performing Arts departments made a combined effort to organise a colourful and informative celebration of Hari Raya Aidilfitri, which was attended by the whole of Early Years and Primary. The audience was delighted by an Open House concept and Mr Wells and I were invited to take tea and kuih raya on stage. Entertainment was provided by groups of students singing, dancing and acting traditional scenes.
Afterwards, as is the custom in TISKL cultural celebrations, we enjoyed ‘makan makan’ in the classrooms. It was wonderful to see everyone in traditional or national costume, showing off the diversity in our school community. See the gallery for more photos.

TISKL World Cup 2018

24 Classes did battle for the TISKL World Cup over two weeks during which, heavy rain challenged the organisers and players! All classes played in a Knockout competition, with three teams from each year group qualifying for the Group Stages. 

Here you can see the sportsmanship at TISKL, with twins Zen Vier (5A) and Zen Vinn (5R)  in a friendly jostle.  and The finals, played on Thursday 11th July will be 3A vs 4A and 5R vs 6R. 

The Exit Point on Friday will involve the winning teams from each final, play against two teacher teams.

Check next week’s newsletter for the results!

See the gallery for more photos.