Going the extra mile to give the students at TIS Kuala Lumpur a unique experience, the IPC team designed a unit of learning about beautiful Malaysia. Over 8 days in August, the students of the Early Years and Primary school researched and learned about amazing historical events and wonderful geographical sites and sights of the country.  From the foundations of Melaka in the early 1400s to Independence in 1957, students discovered the impressions left by the Portuguese, the Dutch and the British. They studied the flora and fauna, the rivers and the landmarks across the 13 states and the Federal Territory. Many of the students have not yet visited some of the places they encountered on their learning journey, but their eyes and minds were opened to the beauty of their home or host country. 

The unit closed with a wonderful performance of song, dance, poetry and stories organised by the language departments, and our annual Merdeka parade with hundreds of flags waving excitedly. A gallery walk and shared learning session completed the event and we were delighted that our schools’ President, Mr BK Gan attended this wonderful occasion. He was presented with framed artwork created by Ethan Swee Yik San (3Y) and Pavan Ajay Haldal (5A).

Languages Week

Inspired by the ‘Negaraku’ unit of learning, the Bahasa Malaysia and Mandarin departments chose to focus the language skills on aspects of Malaysia. The BM lessons featured the national anthem, the flag and the national flower, whilst the Mandarin department used Malaysians love of food as an excuse to learn new vocabulary! The children were exposed to Baba Nyonya and Fusion cuisine, and parents generously provided delicious dishes and kuih. Students learned songs and poems during language lessons, some of which were performed at the ‘Negaraku’ Exit Point.

Science Carnival 

A number of Year 6 students attended the Opening Ceremony of the Science Carnival during the secondary school assembly. This was the launch of a week of science activities, showcases and clinics in the primary school. From Early Years to Year 6, each day had a period of time dedicated to science experiments, and the students had fun predicting what might happen during tasks and solving problems as they went along. In Year 1, the children used lego to build dams and check the flow of water, whilst Early Years made kites and balloon boats, and Year 2 parents were challenged to produce a ‘hot air balloon’ which contained an egg in the basket. Whose egg would be intact after flying through the air?
In the school hall, Key Stage 2 classes held two showcases for parents, and it was impressive to see the projects the students had produced, covering all three sciences. Ahmad Raouf (Class 3Y) did a magnificent job on stage demonstrating how shadows are formed, and the audience couldn’t fail to be impressed with the confidence with which he carried out the demo. What amazed me in the Year 5 and 6 showcase was that students could answer questions confidently, having really learned the facts about their chosen topic. The week’s activities were masterminded by Ms Wati (Head of Science) and her team - Ms Hayati, Ms Mastura, Ms Leela and Ms Keren. 

Looking forward….

September brings many holidays for Malaysians, and with that in mind we are already planning our end of year events. Parents should regularly check family Gmail addresses, Google Sites and the school calendar for information on upcoming events. There will be trips for each year group, sports day for Early Years/Key Stage 1 (we are still in negotiation with a brand new stadium for the KS2 sports day), assessments for Year 2 to Year 6, transition day and end of year celebrations. Any queries should be directed to the class teacher or the year leader.

Kind regards,

Lynne Cadenhead