Long Live Robin Hood!

This term is like every other. Busy, busy, busy!  The number of exciting IEYC and IPC Exit Points that have taken place this term has been incredible. ‘Weather Wonders’, ‘Active Planet’, ‘Sensational’ and ‘Climate Control’ are among those which showed off the learning in Term 2. Students also enjoyed experiential learning trips to ‘Jurassica’, Petrosains and the National Planetarium. Parents can view photographs in the Google Sites. 

One of the highlights of the term was the musical performed by over 850 students from Early Years to Year 6. Robin Hood was brought to life on stage by very talented and enthusiastic students, mainly from Year 6, who mastered their lines and actions in a short rehearsal period, under the direction of the Performing Arts team. Class teachers, as always, did their part in rehearsing songs with the children and organising costumes. The two performances on 9th and 10th July were well attended by parents, and we thank parents for the support given in this major event. Photos and videos have been shared via Google Drive, but here are a few scenes for you to enjoy.

IEYC Trainer

I am delighted to announce the appointment of Ms Nor Eny Alia as an IEYC Trainer (Asia) for Fieldwork Education. This is testimony to Alia’s dedication to the Early Years and passion for the thematic curriculum. Alia leads the Early Years team in planning the units of learning. It is an honour for Alia to be offered this position and she will carry the name of Taylor’s International School Kuala Lumpur wherever she carries out her training duties.

Jumpa lagi!

At the end of each term, we say goodbye to students moving on to pastures new. This term, we are sad to see the departure of Ms Denise Damhuis, who has been Year 1 Leader for two years. I am sure you will join me in wishing Denise, the student leavers and their families all the best in their new environment. 

To all other students and families, have a safe and happy holiday. See you on August 26th.