Constructive Play

Living in a country where the weather can be unfavourable for outdoor play, our students need to learn other play skills. Year 2 students enjoyed building with wooden blocks, Lego and dominoes. Working alone or with a partner, the students learn to create, focus, work collaboratively, discuss, share and practise their fine motor skills. Play is timetabled for children in Year 1 and 2 so that they can go outdoors to the Early Years playground or remain in the classroom. Take a look at other photos of Year 2 at play.

Growth Mindset

Aside from learning through play, the focus for Year 2 students in their ‘Brainwave’ IPC unit was to change their mindset. Students were asked to consider positive options to fend off negative feelings or actions. The ‘Instead of - Try this!’ activity had the students really thinking about their attitude to learning. Here are some examples of what they wrote.

Instead of I’m tired!  It’s too hard! I can’t do it!

Try this! I can do it! I have to do it! I should try again!

Stars of the Week!

Every Friday, Year 1 students and teachers congregate in the lobby for a mini-assembly to present Stars of the Week certificates. Students from each class receive their certificates from Ms Denise. What a lovely way to end the school week. Photos will be shared with parents regularly, but here you can see Class 1L students, Jacqueline and Moon, with Ms Jia Yi and Ms Denise. Jacqueline received her certificate for good handwriting, whilst Moon got his for always displaying a caring attitude in the class. Also pictured are Yukta and Averie from Class 1Y, holding their Fun Learning at Home efforts.

Well done to all!

Five Ways To Wellbeing

Ms May Toh, School Counsellor ran a workshop session for teachers on the Five Ways to Wellbeing. The Five Ways are CONNECT, KEEP LEARNING, BE ACTIVE, GIVE and TAKE NOTICE. During the workshop, Ms May organised a range of activities to get the teachers thinking about how these Five Ways could be reflected in and out of the classroom. Every month on the first Monday, teachers will introduce one of these wellbeing ideas to the students. Parents interested in being involved in this programme should contact the primary office.

Kind regards,
Lynne Cadenhead