Important Dates for your March Diary

19 - 21 March 

Our first Parent Teacher Conference of 2018 is fast approaching.. A Google Calendar will be shared by your child’s class teacher and you will be able to book a 10-minute appointment to meet her/him during the relevant dates for each year group. On the same days, I will be holding information sessions for all parents on the topic of marking and reporting, the full details of which will be shared in a letter on Google Sites and via email.

20 - 24 March

The marketing and admissions department are running the first Open Week of the year, and there are trial classes available from Tuesday to Friday in all year groups except Early Years. The Early Years Centre will open on Saturday 24th March for an exciting session linked to the iEYC unit ‘The World Around Us’. Please encourage your friends to register their 3 or 4 year old child for this class. Details are available on the main page of this website and from the admissions office.

26 - 30 March
International Children’s Book Day falls on April 2nd this year, so TISKL is holding its annual Book Week during the last week of Term 1. We are excited in primary to be joined by the secondary school and are looking forward to a full programme of events linked to reading. As always, we are looking for parent volunteers to read aloud to the younger children or to read in Bahasa Melayu or Mandarin. Any parents who can offer some time during the week should contact Mr Victor or the primary office for further details. 

Student Council Elections

With the class voting over, candidates have been selected to go to the year group finals at the end of this week. Due to the water disruption in school, Year 6 will hold their final ballot next week. Results will be announced during the Key Stage assembly on Wednesday 14th March. I am looking forward to hearing the election speeches and congratulate all students who took part in the election process.

The finalists are as follows:
Year 3: Rayan, Junn Bo, Garet, Krisab, Xander, Savannah, Aarini and Se Ra
Year 4: Aamna, Hendrik, Adnan, Ryan, Irfan, Prakash, Edry, Sara, Maliha, Yon Xin and Claire
Year 5: Wajeehah, Maya, Esther, Nathalie, Van Yi, Dennis, Stanley, Kaushik, Shardul, Abhay and Mitchell.
Year 6: Sophie, Ruhani, Sandhya, Moukthikaa, Xin Way, Hannah, Fariz, Armaan, Yusuf, Nicklas, Jung Ju and Winston. 

I look forward to seeing you at some of the upcoming events. Please keep your eye on the Parent Zone Academic Sites and School Calendar.

Kind Regards,

Lynne Cadenhead
Head of Primary