Science Week is here!

In conjunction with the school’s Open Week for new parents and students, the primary science department will present a week-long display of exploration and discovery. In conjunction with Maths and Technology, this will be a new opportunity for students to participate in activities outside the classroom. Why not visit the bookshop lobby and check it out?

Negaraku 2019

After 4 weeks of learning about our home/host country Malaysia, students shared their experiences with parents and peers. In spite of the delay due to haze, the Exit Point for this home-grown unit was attended by hundreds of parents, all eager to see and hear what their child had learned about the history, geography and culture of Malaysia, Our Country. After the parent session, students pair-shared within their IPC Mileposts. As well as presentations and quizzes, we saw historical role play at his best, batik art, food preparation and an international food festival taking place. We are very proud, not only of the country we live in, but of the teachers, students and parents who made this exciting event a success. Congratulations to the IPC team!

Lantern Festival

In mid-September, the Early Years and Primary school took part in Mid-Autumn Festival celebrations. Also known as the Mooncake or Lantern Festival, it is about celebrating the harvest. Mooncakes are enjoyed during this time only, and students were given the opportunity to sample traditional ones filled with red bean and lotus paste. Students from Early Years to Year 3 participated in a special lantern walk organised by the Mandarin department, pictured here.