TISKL experienced an alien invasion on Monday, October 22 and Tuesday, October 23.  Dreadlock Alien (one of the UK’s premier spoken-word poets) made his annual visit to our campus.  Incredibly, he ran workshops for every student from year 7 through to year 10 in the space of just 48 hours.  That’s a shift!

Dreadlock Alien helped our students to create and compose their own poetry pieces and also spoke about his own childhood (which was full of challenges).  DA also recalled his meeting with Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace in London.

Our huge thanks to DA and see you again next year!

QUANTUM LEARNING: “Where is the joy?”

As part of the ongoing implementation and embedding of the principles of Quantum Learning into our teaching and learning ideology here at TISKL, we are currently exploring ways in which we can facilitate more joy in our lessons. It is a scientific fact that learning is more effective when the learner’s brain is in a state of joy and their curiosity is being piqued. Furthermore, the QL system encourages teachers to “prepare the learner” at the start of a lesson by, in part, helping them to enter a state of joy ahead of undertaking any new learning.

Look out in the next couple of Newsletters for some updates and photos about this ongoing initiative.

Nexus Language Competition -Report by Ms Lim Bee Lan

On Wednesday, 31st Oct 2018 at Nexus International School, Putrajaya, the following students participated in the 2018 Nexus Storytelling and Speech Competition.

Well Done to Leong Khong Zheng (8O), Harithaa Seluam (7O), Lisa Pao Zheng Xuan (5O), Nadia Khadijah (5T), Beatricia Baharudin (6A) and Ashley Tan May Ann (6R). 

Congratulations to Leong Khong Zheng (8O) - Chinese First Language speaker 
Harithaa Seluam (7O) - Malay Foreign Language speaker and 
Lisa Pao Zheng Xuan () - Chinese First Language speaker. 

These three students were awarded “Merit” in the competition.
Year 10: Careers Week  Report by Ms Tabitha Lim

Careers Week kicked off last Monday with an informal assessment conducted by Inspiring Futures. All Year 10 students took a comprehensive and simple assessment to determine their strengths, weaknesses and evaluated which professions suited them best. An interactive PDF of their results is in their student emails, and parents are encouraged to go through it with them. 

On Tuesday, Taylor’s University Lakeside designed an entire day for students to explore the various programmes offered. Students also got a small taste of what University life is like and were even treated to a sumptuous lunch laid on by the Hospitality Department at Taylor’s University Lakeside. In addition to that, students also attended workshops of individual degree programmes and participated in a small competition that tested their design and critical thinking skills.

By the middle of the week, the Year 10 students were given the opportunity to visit two of our sister schools; the Australian International School of Malaysia (AISM) in Seri Kembangan and Nexus International School in Putrajaya. At AISM, Mr. Broadbent introduced students to the Higher School Certification (HSC) programme, and at Nexus, Ms. Morag gave the students a broad overview of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP). Students were also treated to a brief tour of both schools and participated in a Q&A session with the staff. 

On Thursday, the HR and Marketing team at Maybank organised a full morning for the students. The Year 10 students were brought on a tour of Maybank HQ and students even got to do stretching exercises with our Malaysian tennis athletes and Iron Man alumni. In addition to that, students also participated in a fast-paced trading game that required them to think on their feet and work as a team.

Finally, on Friday, 6 young adults from 4 different companies came to the school to give talks about the different paths they took to reach their current careers. Students were able to learn more about Business, Finance, Interior Design, Marketing, Information and Technology and so much more! Companies represented were BASH Clothing, The Makeover Guys, Teach for Malaysia, and also Joseph Yeow, a former employee of Accenture who has been in many tech start-ups such as Uber, Shoppee, and GRAB.

It is hoped that this initiative has given the students lots of valuable food for thought where their post-16 pathways and their future careers are concerned.

Thankyou to all the teachers who accompanied the students and helped to ensure that the programme ran so smoothly.