Dear Parents/Caregivers and Students,

Welcome back to Taylor’s International School for Term Two after what has been a very busy and insightful Term One. The term ahead continues to be filled with lots of activities, including the International Understanding Day performance, sports awards and mock exams.

Our Student Council visited Tadom Hill to engage in leadership activities. They returned with even more enthusiasm than before the camp and are filled with excitement. We will read more about the camp later. The Student Council is a very important body within the school environment as it provides valuable student perspectives and feedback, representative of the school cohort. The Council members are outstanding ambassadors of the school and we are very proud of their contribution to the character of the school.

Senior students will be sitting mock exams this term. These exams are accurate measures for how students will achieve in their iGCSE exams later this year. It is important that all preparations are carried out wholeheartedly. Students should be proud of their efforts, knowing they have done all they can to prepare to ensure they can achieve to their own level of excellence. Your support and encouragement as a parent will have a significant impact on your child’s endeavours to do the best they can.

Strategic Plan for Secondary School - this aims to inform and remind us all of our goals and priorities for 2019-2020. The focus is on enhancing learning experiences for all students; building character to encourage making good and positive choices, and ensuring the school environment is exciting and enjoyable to support teaching and learning. 
Student Council’s Leadership Camp

On the 29th April 2019, a total of 24 students from TISKL Student Council ranging from Year 7 to Year 11 participated in a 1-day Leadership Camp which was held in Tadom Hill Resort, Banting. They were accompanied by Ms Royliza (Head of Student Leadership), Ms Yati (Assistant Head of Student Leadership) and Mr Giva. This activity was successfully organised by the TISKL Student Council.

A lot of fun activities such as the Tug of War, Building the Tallest Jenga Block and Bamboo Raft Race were organized. During these activities, teamwork and critical thinking were intense amongst the student councillors as they worked closely together in applying their strategies in to solving problems. These activities had indeed brought out the best in the team of student councillors whilst enhancing their communication skills and organisational skills. Additionally, the students boldly ventured into the highlight of the day, consisting of rope courses namely Flying Fox and Abseiling (Ascending & Descending). Our student councillors were able to overcome their fear and develop self-confidence with continuous support from their friends via these courses.

In a nutshell, these activities helped in encouraging the students to build team spirit whilst enhancing their leadership skills. Additionally, by working together and supporting each other, students were able to explore “what’s inside them”, their ability, skills and the real character. All participants were happy and enjoyed the activities, most importantly they were able to get closer to each other, despite being in different year groups, different backgrounds, different religions and race. The differences brought them together!

Congratulations to the 24 student councillors for fostering this unforgettable moment.