Secondary Maths Challenge

TISKL hosted their 2nd Annual Taylor's Mathematics Challenge on Monday 15th October. There were 60 Year 9 /10 students that participated in total (30 from TISKL and 30 from TISPC). 

All participants completed 3 rounds. Round 1 was called CODEBREAKER and involved students working independently to try and find number patterns and sequences to crack the code. Round 2 was called MATHEMATICIAN and involved students working independently to solve multiple choice Maths problems. Round 3 was called DRAGON MATHS and involved students working in their teams of 3 to solve Maths problems with a designated runner that would run to the judges to collect questions and have their answers marked.

At the end of the stimulating 3 rounds, the winners and runners up for each round were presented with gold, silver and bronze medals. The total points were collected for each school to find the overall winner and this year the trophy was presented to TISKL. Congratulations to all the students that participated and a huge thank you to Miss Carolyin and Miss Sheela for organising the event. It was a huge success and we hope to open this event up to all Taylor's schools next year.

Details of the winners can be seen below:
TISKL Total Score : 868
TISPC Total Score: 794
Dreadlockaline Workshops

The world-renowned and much-loved spoken word poet, Richard Grant (aka “Dreadlockalien”) returned to TISKL this week to work with students in Years 7, 8 and 9 as part of projects with both the English and Humanities Faculties.

Full details and photos will be shared in next week’s Newsletter.