The Secondary Leadership Team (SLT)

Our Secondary leadership team consists of Mr Mark as Head of Secondary and the 4 Assistant Heads. The Assistant Head roles are as follows: Ms Kate is Head of Curriculum Design and Projects, Mr Iskhandar is in charge of Academic Curriculum Administration, Ms Shia heads up the Guidance Team and Ms Emma is in charge of Teaching and Learning. 

We have all come from diverse backgrounds which include, International Schools in Brunei and Singapore, private and state schools in the UK and private and government schools in Malaysia. With this wealth of experience comes a broad range of perspectives on how to lead the Secondary section and with experience of both Eastern and Western education systems we are able to provide the best of both worlds. 

Some interesting facts about our SLT:

Mr Iskhandar - has been teaching for 27 years of which 18 has been at Taylor’s. He is also the king of making Char Kuey Teow.
Ms Shia - recently toured Europe with her daughter. She makes the best curry puffs and spring rolls in the Klang Valley.
Mr Mark - loves nothing more than being in the great outdoors hiking, fishing, and collecting plants and/or fungi to eat for dinner. He makes a mean chicken liver pate.
Ms Emma - whilst living in Brunei, a tame monkey lived with her family for 6 months and was adopted by her pet dog. She makes a great ‘sugar free’ cheesecake.
Ms Kate - started road running last July and recently completed her first 10km race. She has never used the oven in her kitchen.

Chinese New Year Concert

Thank you to the performing arts department and the talented drummers, dancers and Tai Chi practitioners who treated us to a fantastic concert on Monday morning. It was great to see all our students enthralled by the performances and just goes to show how excellence can be achieved through tenacity, effort and hard work. 

Future events:

1 March - North East Asia Maths Competition, selected Yr 10 and 11 students - Seoul, South Korea
2 March - Under 16 Netball competition - Tanglin Trust - Singapore
3 March - AIMS teachers conference - Help International School
9 - 16 March - Ski Trip to Italy