Glocal Enquiries exit point - 30th March

We have our 1st ‘exit point’ for Year 7 Glocal Enquiries on the 30th March at 11:50 - 12:50 in the 7th Floor training room. We have taken our lead from the exit points in primary and would be thrilled to invite as many parents as possible to this event. Students will be sharing what they have done thus far in this bespoke subject which is unique to TISKL. 

STEM OTC - 22nd March

The 6th form students attended the OTC (Offshore Technology Conference) at Kuala Lumpur Convention centre on the 22nd March. This was a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) focussed event for students. Our students took part in experiments, Q and A sessions and challenges geared towards learning more about the oil and gas industry. They also had an opportunity to tour exhibits and speak to industry leaders across the oil and gas sector. A particular highlight was Xin Ru’s questioning of the expert panel on how the oil and gas industry would respond to a changing ‘lower carbon’ world. Out of all the schools who attended our students were chosen to be interviewed by the organising committee. 

Thank you to Ms Ida Ruzaini, a TISKL parent, for organising this fantastic event. Also thank you to Fabiola Luces who was our TIS industry mentor for the day. 

TISKL proudly presents ‘Reading Week 2018’

We are going reading crazy this week!  In conjunction with our primary section, TISKL secondary are running some superlative events and competitions this week with the aim to further encourage the reading habit among our students.  Eagle-eyed parents will have noticed a large number of secondary staff reading for pleasure in the school’s courtyard on Monday morning. This has been followed up with a home-room door decoration competition (with classes basing their designs on famous novels).

In addition, a keenly fought Book Quiz has been running (with teams consisting of year 6 students mixed with year 7 students).  The grand final takes place this Thursday, March 29, in the secondary library.  Students have also been taking part in a Guess the Teacher competition (with teachers cleverly disguised or silhouetted whilst reading) and Weirdest Place You’ve Read competition (students photographed whilst reading in decidedly odd places).

Another campus-wide initiative is Drop Everything And Read (DEAR) which runs from 10.10am – 10.30am daily.  What’s more?  We even have storytelling sessions with students from year 8 and year 11 reading stories with their counterparts in year 1 and year 2.

All in all, a bumper week!

Parent Relationship and Sex Education Talk

Thank you to those parents who attended June Low’s parent, sex education and relationship talk on Saturday. I know that these parents greatly appreciated her experienced and well informed information on this within a Malaysian context. Parents felt that this was a talk that all parents should have attended. A few parental comments:

“Attending the session and hearing other parents, my comfort was that these interactions will help this exposure to be guided in the right direction. I usually worry myself before talking to my daughter about such topics. Hopefully we will have many more sessions for parents too”. 

“This talk has been one of the most informative sessions held by the school and we (my wife and I) are glad that we made the effort to attend it….the fact that Taylor's is actually bold enough to organise this augurs well for the holistic education being promoted as the main thrust of the school”.

“It was very informative and impressive”.

Chemistry Olympiad - Report by Mr Gan Hock Kiam

On the 21st of March, four of TISKL students from Years 9 and 10 took part in the AIMS Chemistry Olympiad 2018 which was held at British International School Kuala Lumpur. There was a turnout of 56 students from a total of 14 different schools participating in the event. 

The Olympiad consisted of two challenging tasks of multiple choice quizzes as well as IB and IGCSE questions; our teams has 1 hour to complete these tasks. The event put to the test not only the students’ chemistry skills but also other academic requirements such as problem solving, time management and social skills. In this competition, students works in pairs and were expected to break the ice and find chemistry among teammates from other schools in order to overcome the tasks.

Overall, the Olympiad was a fun and thrilling experience for our students as they worked tirelessly in their groups to produce results and expand their chemistry knowledge through the process of practical tests and quizzes together with students from other schools.

TISKL students involved in the Chemistry Olympiad were: Wong Jian Wei, Chloe Goy (10L), Wong Jin Wei (10S), Danish Khairi (9S) and Soraya (9R). They had the first challenge on chemical test for ions, followed by the titration on the neutralisation of acid and alkali and also a multiple-choice quiz. Danish Khairi 9S won first place. He also obtained the highest score and received the Gold Award from BISKL.

Future events:
2-13 April - End of term 1 school break