Happy Holidays!

I would like to take this opportunity to wish all of our families a fun, relaxing and safe end of year break. I hope that you have enjoyed being part of TISKL in 2017 as much as I have and that you can reflect on a year full of achievement, fun and laughter. I would also like to extend a huge thank you to parents for supporting our initiatives and to students for making the most of the opportunities available. 2018 promises to build on all the positive experiences from 2017 and to make sure that we continue to look forward to the future with optimism and enthusiasm. I look forward to welcoming you all back in 2018. 

Graduation - 2017

Congratulations to all of our Year 11 students on their graduation from Taylor’s International School, KL. On behalf of all the teachers, ‘we will really miss you!’ and wish you all the best in your future educational journey. Also if you have a chance to visit us and to share what you are doing then please do, we would love to see you again next year and beyond.

Celebration evening

Thank you to those families who were able to attend our secondary celebration evening on the 22nd November. This was a chance for students and staff to collaborate and to bring the best of what is happening in the secondary school, to our community. We had Malay dances, Chinese and Indian drumming, virtual reality challenges, explosions in Science, rock bands and basketball demonstrations just to name a few. I would like to thank all the teachers and students for helping to make this evening such a huge success; we really do have a very talented and passionate school community!

Enrichment week Reports

Between the 13th and 15th November the vast majority of students were involved in Enrichment Activities outside the classroom. There were a plethora of options for students to engage with including but not limited to hiking in the rainforest, making haunted houses, cooking workshops, ten pin bowling, SkyTrex, District 21, ice skating, snorkeling off Pangkor Laut, visiting Singapore, visiting Ho Chi Minh,  learning about horticulture and doing a tech trail. Please see a selection of of reviews from these trips as follows:

Sports - Report from Mr Ratcliffe

The PE team held 3 days of different activities here in KL.
Day 1 was an energy sapping trek at Bukit Saga. Every student managed to complete the trek despite having to use muscles they didn’t even know they had.

Day 2 was fortunately in the School Sports Hall as the weather outside was more suitable for ducks than the students. Lots of fun, social games and activities took place with table tennis being one of the more popular and all went home having burnt off a great number of calories.

Day 3 was a day out at Times Square. First up was the 10 pin bowling Challenge. For many, this was their first time playing but Jun Hong gave Mr.Ratcliffe a challenge but experience paid off in the end. The students then had lunch before they headed to the movies to watch the new ‘Thor’ movie. All in all, a very enriching 3 days, had by students and staff alike.

Enrichment Trip – Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam (12th -15th November 2017)- Report from Mr Kartiban

On the 12th of November, Ms.Chong along with Mr.Ten, Ms.Sandhi, Mr.Kartiban and a total of 20 students attended to the Ho Chi Minh Enrichment trip. 

Upon arrival at the Tan Son Nhat International Airport, students were taken to two historical buildings, the Cathedral and Post Office of Saigon that were built during the 19th century. The next day, students visited the Cu Chi (Vietnam War) Tunnel. This tunnel is where the Viet Công hid from the American invasions. Students learned the harsh conditions the Viet Công endured during the Vietnam War. Later that evening, students were led to the former Presidential Hall. Students also got to watch a Water Puppet show which was the ‘entertainment of Saigon’ when the television was not popular during the war days. 

On the following day, students were taken on an adventure ride on a small island that is banked on the Mekong River which spans across 6 countries. On the final day, students head back to Malaysia. 

Overall, everyone enjoyed the trip and learned much on the economic system, governmental system, history and cultures of Vietnam. In a nutshell, it was a remarkable purposeful trip. 

Singapore - Report by Alif Mikhael Bin Azmir

The Singapore Trip was a grand escapade filled with action, adventure, and drama which brought people to tears. Actually, no one cried, we just got mildly soaked. Anyway, students such as myself were able to indulge in exciting activities such as a Night Safari, Universal Studios and the Observation Deck@ Marina Bay Sands. It was a fun experience which was well paid for, if I do say so myself, not to mention sneaking around the hotel at night, before curfew, of course.

Speaking of which, we enjoyed personal experiences which allowed us to learn more about independence and about ourselves. Even bus rides were entertaining when words like 'Big Shaq' and 'Ricegum' were being thrown around. I would write more about secret things that went on during the trip but since I am (hopefully) being paid to write this, I'll keep that confidential, from specific people. Overall, we enjoyed riding roller coasters, getting scared, eating from hawker centres, shopping, and everything else. Thank you for reading this rigged to be cheesy article and have a nice day.

SkyTrex - Report 1 by Joshia Dani and Jake Gregory

Last Thursday, we enjoyed our time in Skytrek for Enrichment Week. The experience in Skytrek was an adrenalin filled and invigorating experience for all of us. Most of us were able to conquer our fear of heights, especially the year 7 and 8 students.

The Year 9 students  were given the responsibility of taking care of the year 7 and 8s. There were 25 challenges in the Intermediate Course and the highest point was 17 metres above ground, most of the Year 7 and 8 students found the course difficult, whereas all the Year 9 went through the course like a walk in the park! We did our best trying to help those who were afraid of heights or just needed assistance.  We did a lot of flying fox during this course, it was the easiest challenge and you might even say it was relaxing. We took around 1 hour and 30 minutes to 2 hours to complete the course, some of us took a shorter time due to using short cuts. 

Personally, I had fun being on this trip with no regrets. I hope that the next time we join the Skytrek, we can do the Extreme Challenge which hopefully everyone can survive through

Skytrex - Report 2 by Soraya Ghazaime and Tanish Tanjil
On the 15th November a group of students embarked on a trip to SkyTrex in Shah Alam; everyone was very excited and some were afraid but at the same time looking forward to the challenge!   

On arrival we had a briefing on how to use the equipment given to us as well as safety tips ready for going through the challenges. We then started the challenges at round 10:30, the challenges that we were facing in the intermediate level were called the ‘Big Thrill’ and included climbing, flying-fox, crossing bridges made from planks and rope! Some of us were scared being so high up from the ground (we were 17m above ground!). 

Overall, it was a very fun and exciting trip and it was rather fun to watch our friends going through the challenges and scream out of fear as well as well as to experience it!

Enrichment Week- Malaysian Experiences By: Freida Foong (Year 7A)
Enrichment Week, which lasted from 13th to 15th November 2017 was a brilliant success, give or take a few minor confusions. For me, I chose to go to Malaysian Experiences where for the period of 3 days, we cooked different types of cuisine each day.
The teachers were well prepared, sending out an email which consisted of what we should bring each day (e.g, sharpies for kolam, and brushes and ink for chinese calligraphy) and where we would meet up each day.
On Monday, at 8.00am sharp, we went down to the cookery room (located on the 2nd floor) and began to set up our working space. The theme of the cuisine for that day was Malay, in which we immediately began cooking chicken curry and pancakes. What I liked the most was when the teachers said that they were not going to help us at all, we were expected to chop onions and do the work by ourselves. In my opinion, this taught us to be less dependent on our maids, moms, or whoever cooks our food. It was definitely rewarding when loads of teachers (this included Mr Mark and Mr Peter Wells) ate and complemented the food we cooked. We were, of course, very proud of ourselves. After lunch, we began the hard work of weaving ketupats, this may have seemed simple but trust me, it was way harder in real life. Almost all of us failed at doing it and only 2 people succeeded in doing this (Michelle and Asmita) Well done to both of them!
Tuesday dawned on us and we repeated a process similar to Monday except this time, the theme was Indian Cuisine. We had a terrific time making thosai and muruku. The process of making the thosai took rather long and we learned that you had to soak all the seeds (urad dhal and fenugreek) and rice for up to 8 hours at least in an airtight container. So to make thosai, a lot of hard work and patience was required, The muruku was simpler and super tasty, Ah…….. there’s nothing better than a batch of freshly home-cooked muruku. And to top off the day, we had masala tea as our drink and for a sweet yet healthy dessert, we made Ghee Balls which do not require oil, just Ghee (clarified butter), green moong dal flour and a few toppings like raisins, cashews, etc. We made a kolam as well using coloured rice which the teacher provided.
And to top of a splendid 2 days, we cooked chicken porridge, stir-fried vegetables for breakfast! A rather simple but yet delicious way to start of the day. We also made lemon cake and the star of the show…...DIM SUM! The Dim Sum filling was made by the teachers while students helped to make and roll the skin of the dim sum. We of course were allowed to ‘ta pao’ (takeaway) and I’m pretty sure all our parents were impressed with our skills!

Tree Huggers

On a wet, cool but bright morning on 14th of November, 2017, 14 students from TISKL with Ms.Rachel and Ms.Sashi, ventured out to Bangsar to learn about planting and ways to save ‘Mother Earth’. The Free Tree Society is a non-profit organisation which encourages the planting of trees and connects children with Nature showing them that their simple work of greening their environment makes a huge difference in the world. Students took an active role in helping to green their city by re-planting shrubs from cuttings and learning about composting by teaming with their teachers to green KL! It is hoped that the experiences they accumulated on this enrichment activity will pay forward multiple benefits by improving Malaysia's environmental conditions. The hands-on activities of learning how to prepare the right soil conditions and cutting parts of plants, provided multi-disciplinary learning for our students by teaching them about plants and showing them how their efforts will make an impact on their communities for years to come. Students and teachers were very pleased that we were able to return home with our cuttings to replant them and green TISKL further.

Tech Trail - Some comments from students:

In one word word I would like to describe this trip AWESOME! The challenges that we were given had to apply with reaction time and the challenges had to use some thinking as well as hands on work! I really loved the scavenger hunt in my town and at the end visit this marvelous 'Goggle Malaysia'! That was a fun experience visiting there!
"An adventurous hunt brought out great multi-tasking skills, critical thinking and the tour was just impressive.This made an unforgettable educational trip"
We had so much fun on the trip and even the food was delicious! Also we went shopping, thats the most fun part! 

Star Cruise Libra

Three adventurous teachers accompanied 28 TISKL students on Libra Star Cruise disembarking at Phuket and Penang during the Enrichment Week trip from 12th -15th Nov 2017.The group included students from years  8, 9 and 10.

The first day we embarked the cruise at Port Klang. After lunch at Mariners Restaurant we had a fire drill which was mandatory for all passenger. After the drill, some students went for a swim while others enjoyed playing basketball at the basketball court on the cruise. We had a BBQ feast for dinner. It was followed by acrobatic show called “ One Million Showtime” 

The second day started with all teachers and students jogging at the Jogging track on the cruise. Then we joined the fitness session organised by the crew members. We had lunch at Golden Palace Restaurant before disembarking at Patong Beach, Phuket. We visited the cashewnut shop and T-shirt factory. As the traffic at Phuket was heavy, we did not go to other planned places. As for dinner all of us had Fine Dining at Four Season Restaurant at the cruise. The food was great. The students had free and easy for that night to enjoy the breathtaking view of the ocean and stars.

The third day, after breakfast all the students and teachers joined the vegetable and fruit carving session by one of the chef.  Meanwhile, Kritika’s birthday together with other passengers who had their birthday on 14th Nov was celebrated with the captain and other crew members at the Disco Lounge. After lunch, we disembarked at Swettenham Port, Penang. The students were given 2 hours of shopping at Perangin Mall near Komtar. That night, we had TISKL Gala Dinner at Four Season Restaurant. All the students were dressed in their best attire and we enjoyed the dinner. After dinner, we went for a Magic Show by James Long.

On the final day, after breakfast, we reached Port Klang at 9am and arrived school at 11.45am. Everyone had fun. It was a memorable trip!


A band of courageous teachers accompanied over 70 TISKL students to the Pangkor Bayview Resort for a 3-day, 2 night, enrichment week trip.

The intrepid group included students from years 7, 8, 9 and 10 and formed an immediate close bond, as we fled the monsoon rains of Kuala Lumpur in search of sun and sand further north and just off the coast of Perak.

The first day saw students and teachers snorkel in the choppy waters around a small uninhabited islet a mile or two out from Teluk Nipah.  Many of us will certainly remember that particular expedition!

A somewhat more sedate day was then spent at Coral Beach where there was plenty of swimming, chilling and frollicking.  We had the pleasure of riding banana boats and the Great Big Marble .

Evening witnessed beach volleyball and cricket, as well as cycling (for the lucky few).  Ms. Emma’s group of students also won the inaugural Know Your Teacher Competition (which brought the winners a massage-chair massage apiece).

After meticulously cleaning our rooms before check-out on the final day, we waved our hosts at the Bayview Resort goodbye and embarked on journey homeward.  There was still time for one or two ‘surprises’ on the ride back to TISKL and a lecture from Mr Fergus on the importance of eating a balanced diet.

We look forward to leaving our mark on Pangkor Island once more in the not too distant future.

Penang and Perak

A group of 35 students accompanied by 4 teachers Mr. Lim, Pn. Rosnani, Cik. Farah and Mr. Ramesh went on an enrichment week trip to Perak and Penang. 

Students had a great experience at the  Movie Animation Park Studios (MAPS) Ipoh. They spent the whole day with 3D animation, bumper cars, car racing show, smurf show and much more. The next day students went to Batu Ferringhi Beach. There they had activities such as playing volleyball at the beach, banana boating, building sand castles and jet skiing. We all ate local delicacies for dinner at Gurney Drive. Later students went to Avatar Secret Garden where they experienced lights at the palace. The next day students visited Clan Jetties and viewed all the fantastic Penang street art. Student’s enjoyed their trip as is was adventurous and enjoyable.