‘MALAYSIA DAY’ Celebration - report by Miss Shiamala

The Secondary Section organised a Malaysia Day celebration on 14th September in the school hall. Students as well as teachers donning traditional outfits of various races, showcasing  Malaysia’s unique and diverse cultures, ushered in the patriotic spirit in a simple yet meaningful parade, waving the Malaysian flag to the upbeat song of “Jalur Gemilang”.
The celebration began with a documentary of the historical narrative leading to the formation of Malaysia, followed by performances by students. Besides an instrumental ensemble performance, the choir also  presented patriotic songs, engaging the audience with its upbeat tempo. 

A fashion show of thirty-four students was another opportunity to appreciate traditional costumes and the winners were selected based on presentation and style.  Reuel, a Year 7 student, in his reflection, described Malaysia as a country which was not only beautiful and harmonious, but rich in heritage and culture. 

A celebration of Malaysia’s young talented citizens at TISKL sealed the highlight of the event, when Ethan Yee and Christopher Kong, both students from Year 7, respectively presented their performance of a Latin dance on stage. Ms Emma presented the medals obtained in several competitive ballroom dancing competitions. 

“To know Malaysia, is to love Malaysia”, and as Malaysians, we need to be more civic conscious  to preserve our heritage”, said Ms Shiamala in her address. 

The Malaysia Day celebration came to a close with the rendition of “Keranamu” by students, filling the hall with a great sense of pride and belonging. 

Science Carnival, 2018 - Report by Miss Emy

Recently, the Secondary section’s Science Department held its Science Carnival for the third year in a row - this time, in collaboration with the Primary Section. It was a spectacular success.
The purpose of this annual event is to celebrate science outside of the classroom and to nurture students with ideas and innovative thinking for tackling the Higher Order Thinking Skills needed in Science. 
TISKL Science Carnival was held from 3rd to 7th September 2018 with events like Secondary Project Competition, Year 8 Biotechnology Workshop and Year 9 MasterChef Challenge.

The prize winners of the competition and events are as follows:

2018 Project Competition

Top 3 Project WInners

1st Place
- The Apple Experiment - Alicia Wong, Zhi Lynn, Ho Yi and Carrie Ong 8L
2nd Place - Pump Rocket - Daniel, Asha, Jasmine and Boon Kiat 8T
3rd Place - Hydraulic Lift - Sufiya and Sylvia 7T

Consolation Prizes 

Handphone Charger using Wind Energy - Rudra and Armin 8S
Food Web Model - Shamita (Group Leader) 8Y
The RAB Lightning Storage - Reuel, Bo Sung and Animesh 7T
Kinetic Energy Generator - Priscilla, Laura and Annabel 7T
Organic Fertiliser with Insect Repellent - Harithaa and Sher Ee 7O
Robot - Su Yunn, Leniska and Phing Phing - Year 10

Year 9 MasterChef Challenge

1st Place - 9R
2nd Place - 9S
3rd Place - 9L

Kahoot! Science Trivia Challenge

Winner - Iman and Zeen  - 9L

We would like to thank everyone for supporting the event and making the event a success. Further appreciation to all the science teachers, the students who participated, the parents for their tremendous support and the judges for the competition. You all made this event come alive with appreciation towards science.
Hope everyone had a science-tastic time!