2019 Chinese New Year ( 诸事顺利)

Chinese New Year is around the corner! The members of Chinese Culture Club KS4 have kicked off the new year by writing Chinese calligraphy during the period of co-curricular activities. Our wishes go to everyone for Even Greater Progress in The New Year - Xin Nian Jin Bu -  新年进步 - All Happiness Halo Fortune - Chinese Auspicious Word.

The Quick Cooking Club

The KS4 Quick Cooking Club had their first 3 meets in on the 11th, 18th and 25th January 2019. The Club Advisors are Ms Royliza Faudzi Joshua and Ms Nor Najwa Azmee.
The first meeting was more of an ice-breaking session undertaken to appoint the Club’s President and to discuss menus to be prepared in Term 1. Upon appointing our Club’s president, Soraya Ghazaime, students were taught to use utensils and measurement apparatus, understand recipes and basic vocabulary, utilize safe cooking methods, and explore recipes for quick cooking. The students were then divided into 2 groups led by Soraya and Ting Yu.

Chicken and beef burgers were prepared on the 18th January whilst they prepared Aglio Olio and Spaghetti Carbonara on the 25th January. Students were seen to be of high zeal and worked very well as a team.