Using Virtual Reality in Geography - Report from Ms Andrew

In order to bring the world into the classroom we are using virtual field trips using virtual reality headsets. Students were looking for ways to visit volcanic sites and to experience earthquakes. They were also able to compare different types of plate tectonic boundaries and their movement in 3D and fully immerse themselves with this interesting and globally relevant project. 

GP Projects - Report from Stewart Smith

As part of the Cambridge IGCSE for Global Perspectives, students are required to carry out a group project based on one of these themes: 

• Conflict and peace
• Disease and health
• Human rights
• Language and communication
• Poverty and inequality
• Sport and recreation
• Tradition, culture and identity
• Water, food and agriculture

One group made up of three Year 11 girls, Amelia, Ming Kie and Melanie produced a project based on the Disease and Health topic focusing specifically on raising awareness about the issues of Mental Health and the stigma that can affect the sufferers of depression. The work they produced is of a truly exemplary standard and is a true reflection of the goals of students studying the Global Perspectives course . These goals are made up of intellectual independence, research skills, critical thinking and an awareness of a wide range of perspectives. This is a fantastic example of A* quality work.

Relationship and sex education - parent talk

Following on from the success of our relationship and sex education workshops last year, we are pleased to announce that June Low will be returning this year to work with Year 7 and 8 students. The Year 7 sessions will be on the 28th March and the Year 8 sessions on the 29th March. If you wish to opt your son or daughter out of these sessions please email their tutor. 

Prior to the student workshops, we will be having a parent talk which will be held on the 24th March at 11:30am in the 7th floor training room which we hope you can attend. Please indicate whether you can attend by completing this Google Form

Future events:
9 - 16 March - Ski Trip to Italy
12-16 March - IGCSE Malay speaking examinations
19-23 March - IGCSE Chinese speaking examinations
24 March - Parent relationship and sex education talk