KLISS U13 Boys Basketball Round 1
The first round of U13 boys KLISS Basketball took place on 25th Jan at KTJ international school. The other participants besides the hosts were TISP and Nexus. 
TIS won the tip off and went on to score the first basket of the game. Taylor’s excellent man to man defense and defensive rebounds helped the team to save many baskets and boys won the game by 20-10.

The second game against TISP was repetition of the first game where Team Thunder sealed another win by 29-19.

The final game against KTJ was aggressive from both sides and TIS managed to take an early lead in the first half of the game. However, towards the end of first half KTJ was leading by 13-9. Team Thunder changed the offensive tactic in the second half and scored some quick baskets. At the same time boys were defensively good and stopped KTJ to score any point in the first minute of the second half and closed the scoring gap by 17-15. However, fatigue and some sloppy passes in the end cost TIS this game and KTJ won by 21-17. 

Taylor’s finished second in the pool and have qualified for the finals and they will be up against BSKL, HELP, TENBY and KTJ in round two of KLISS.

KLASS U16 Girls Invitational 

The U16 SEA netball squad had a highly successful Saturday morning at Alice Smith as they came together to for their first competitive matches since being selected for the squad. Since being chosen as the 12 girls to represent TISKL in Singapore in March the girls have been attending early morning training sessions to ensure they are gelling as 1 team and the girls certainly showed that Ms Gemma and Ms Yati made the correct decisions walking away as champions after a very hot morning of netball. The best performance was certainly saved for playing against hosts Alice Smith where the girls ran away 17-4 winners. Thunder netball is most definitely looking strong as the girls get ready to step onto the international stage.

Team: Tian Ying, Jing Wen, Cerelia, Sara, Sophie, Asha, Chloe, Sheryl, Sarah Ann, Tiffany, Lisako and Demi 

KLSL U11 Boys Football Home vs APIS 

A surprise fixture as APIS turned up at TIS unexpectedly. Luckily for them, the boys had training that day so Mr.Ratcliffe agreed that the game could take place. On reflection it might have been a better choice to leave it until later in the year as Team Thunder were all over the place and lost for the very first time in any age group against APIS. It certainly was a very disjointed performance with the Thunder boys giving too much respect to APIS’s English player Charlie who scored 5 goals with far too much ease. Goals form Mihir and Yannick were scant consolation in a thoroughly outclassed 7-2 defeat.  

U13 Boys Basketball friendly Away vs ISKL

The boys learnt the hard way why stamina is just as important as skill in Basketball as they fell to a 52-28 defeat at ISKL. The two teams had played a hard fought game in the TISKL Invitational only, with ISKL winning by only 2 points. This game was played over 32 minutes (instead of 20) and the extra 12 minutes proved too much as the boys were in contention at half time but fell away after the ½ time break and now know they need to get their endurance levels up.

KLISS U13 Boys Football Cup Final

Monday 5th February saw the rearranged KLISS Cup Final take place at The New Camp, home of BSKL. First up were Team Thunder’s arch nemesis HELP (who had beaten TIS 3-2 in the KLSL Cup final and who were 1-0 up when lightning stopped play in the first attempt of the final). As in both previous games it was very close with both sides failing to capitalize on their opportunities. HELP took the lead just before half time and that is how it stayed until 3 minutes from the end. A great passing sequence ended with Seunggoo firing home the well-deserved equalizer.

Next up where Puchong who had lost 6-0 to BSKL. This was seen as the easiest game yet proved to be anything but. Puchong dominated the game and if it wasn’t for Aakash in goal it could have easily been a comfortable win for TISPU. A 0-0 draw was probably better than the Thunder deserved and with a 1-1 draw for HELP vs BSKL it meant that Team Thunder could finish first, second or third but would need to beat BSKL and hope for a draw between HELP and Puchong. Sadly, as is the case in sport, when it is out of your hands and you are looking to others to help you out, you cannot predict the result. The boys picked up the intensity that was missing against TISPU and scored early against BSKL, Liam firing in a shot from far out. Both teams had opportunities to score but again Aakash was in exceptional form and a 1-0 win meant they had fulfilled their side of the conundrum. Unfortunately HELP put 5 past Puchong which meant they were Champions on goal difference (plus 5 against Taylor’s plus 1). This happens to be the first time that the U13 boys football trophy has not found its way back to TISKL but the boys know they did their utmost to make it happen and not losing a game again means no U13 boys team haven’t lost a game in KLISS since the very first game against Nexus way back in 2014.
Aakash, Li Shern, Lester, Keith, Niyaz, Seunggoo, Hafiy, Ji Hwan, Liam, Roshan, Joshua
Coach: Mr.Ratcliffe

KLSL U11 Boys and Girls Football Away vs SJIIM 

There are two ways to look at the fixtures at SJIIM on Tuesday 6th February. One it was a bad day at the office, 4 games and 4 defeats. On the other side of the coin, there were 22 girls and 20 boys representing the school 15 making the debuts which is an awesome achievement.
The boys never lost a game in 2017 but the loss of a few key players has meant the boys are in the rebuilding process. With very few training sessions due to the weather and the poor surface at school it was always going to be difficult to match the success of 2017.
The B team played first against SJIIM B and although they tried hard they rarely tested the St.Joseph’s goal keeper. In goal for Team Thunder, Kae Sern was having a strong game and kept the score down to a respectable 2-0 defeat.
Next up the A team hoped to make it one win apiece but again the lack of cohesion as a tem comprising boys from Year 5, 6 and 7 was quite apparent. Yet again it was the Taylor’s goalkeeper being the star of the show. Gagandeep knew he had to perform well due to the performance from Kae Sern and he was back to his best with a string of fine saves. Zen Vinn had equalized for Taylor’s but 3 late goals gave SJIIM a 4-1 victory and the boys know they need some nice weather to be able to train and get to know each other better.

The girls faced a challenging St Joseph’s side on Tuesday. As 22 girls pulled on Thunder jerseys, many of them for their first ever football fixture, it was great to see the excitement across the girls faces to get their boots on and finally get to play. Thunder Orange were the first to take on SJIIM and with very few of these girls having played previously it was certainly a baptism of fire for them. SJIIM kept the Taylor’s defense and goalkeeper Maya, stepping up from U9 into the U11 team, very busy! A 7-0 final scoreline was possibly a harsh one for how many excellent saves Maya made and the amount of running the team did. But to get experience of real match play was an extremely vital one for the girls as we head back to the training pitch before the next fixtures take place.

Thunder Red were up next, with a few more of these girls experienced in playing competitive fixtures the girls were itching to get on the field. An extremely close match saw the score line remain at 0-0 all the way until the final 5 minutes, where a goal was then gifted to SJIIM as a clearance was sent straight to the opposition stood in front of goal. The Thunder girls kept pushing for an equaliser which unfortunately did not come, but a positive start to the football term nonetheless as they girls now look towards the KLISS first round fixtures after Chinese New Year.
KLSL U13 Girls Basketball A vs B 

A comfortable 38-4 victory for the A girls on Tuesday 6th February in the Thunderdome.

KLISS U9 Boys and Girls Football 


Having only had one CCA session before this qualification round it was always going to be difficult for the boys and so it proved in the first game. Playing against a more organised Nexus side the boys struggled to gain possession. Nexus went one - nil up very early on and never looked back. With the Thunder boys not staying in position and bunching together they appeared more like bees around a honey pot than a football team. They even managed to tackle each other! However, they did eventually create a couple of chances but could not convert and lost 5 - 0.

A change of positions for some of the boys in the second game proved more fruitful. Puchong Lightning having suffered the same problem as Taylors’ Thunder, lack of training sessions, never really got into the game. Mikael in the very first minute found himself one on one with the goalkeeper and managed to score. A few minutes later from a corner Mikael managed to squeeze the ball over the line in a very crowded box. Thunder’s third goal came from Ryan George who shot from just inside the box, the goalkeeper managed to get his hand to the ball but it still went in. Mikael hit the post before completing his hat-trick, this time taking the ball off a defender and scoring from close range. At the other end Lionel managed to keep a clean sheet when he saved from a one on one situation. Final score Taylors’ Thunder 4 - 0 Puchong Lightning.

Unfortunately due to a lack of communication, KTJ did not turn up for the competition and so all teams were awarded points for a walk over. This means that Taylors’ Thunder have qualified for the finals but there is a lot of work to do before then.
Training on Wednesday’s after CCA.

Team (standing) - Zhen Song 4R, Alexander 4R, Maaz 4L, Ryan George 4L, Lionel 5R
(kneeling) Xander 3R, Mikael 4A, Marshal 5O, Hyun Jun 4L, Elvis 4L

The U9 girls went to TIS Puchong with 2 teams, the Red and the Orange team. We started the match with the Red team against TISPC  straight after a little bit of pep-talk with the players. The first 1 minute,TISPC was granted with a free shot and they scored. Puchong only had two dominant players but due to no training and few CCAs, our players didn’t really use that opportunity to attack. Our Red team lost 2-0. 

Next game was played by the Orange team against PC. This is their very first game of the year and due to no experience, PC scored 4 goal easily. 
Since it was a league, the Red team have to play the Orange. First goal was scored by Sara Fujita from the Red team but during this game, we can see some improvement by both teams. With the help of the referee, the players were learning throughout the match.
It was a big disappointment when we found out that KTJ will not be there. We wish we had one more game. 

Out of 16 players from Taylor’s Thunder, only 1 who had an experience in a real football match. We still have time for practice and training,depending on the weather, and we hope that our players will be more ready for the next round.  

Players : Maya Jasmin, Sara Mangelmann, Savannah, Qaireen, Lea, Anusha,Sara Fujita, Zahra, Aarini, Anna, Mayra, Lara, Megan Leang, Yaieesshnevy, Zhi Yu, Teressa Ho