KLSL O15 Girls Netball 

Thunderdome was welcoming 5 teams on last Tuesday, the 16th October for the KLSL O15 Girls Netball tournament. With few more weeks left on the school calendar, it is almost impossible to get the whole league done. A big thanks to our Director of Sports, Mr. Ratcliffe because he came up with the idea of making the league as one day off tournament. There were seven teams registered this season and have been split into two groups. Thunder Orange has been placed together with HIS Hurricanes, Fairview SJ and St. Joseph IIM in Group A while the other three teams, Thunder Red, TISPC Lightning and BNIS were playing in Group B. This KLSL was so important for team Thunder as if they won, they will bring the trophy back for 3 years in a row. The following is the list of overall results:

Grouping stage

Thunder Orange
vs. Fairview 10-2 (win)
vs. HIS Hurricanes 8-0 (win)
vs. SJIIM 11-1 (win)

Thunder Red
vs. TISPC Lightning 3-13 (loss)
vs. BNIS 3-1 (win)


Thunder Orange vs. Thunder Red (7-1 to Orange)
TISPC Lightning vs. Fairview (9-3 to Lightning)

After lost the semi-final, Thunder Red was up against Fairview for the 3rd/ 4th playoff. As expected, the game was balanced. Both teams have equal strength and this has dragged the game to extra time when they drew 4-4 at full time. Team Red got a better chance to win the game because they got the first centre pass. However, our girls were too nervous and lost possession and this has given chance to Fairview to lead them by one point. Even though they did not miss any of the shots in the extra time, unfortunately, the girls just couldn't steal the ball from the opponents to catch up the score. The game ended 7-6 to Fairview which means Thunder Red finished 4th overall.

The final match has seen a battle between Thunder and Lightning. By looking at the earlier scores, Lightning has won Red with a better goal scored. But, the ball is round and the Orange team just have to stay focus to make a history. The first half was quite poor, everything seems not right with the Orange girls. Few silly mistakes made them down by one goal, 4-3. The determination and spirit of the girls just phenomenal. They played a very good netball in the second half. By few interceptions by the captain, Tian Ying has made much difference to the game. Brilliant performance from each and every one of the players just unbelievable. They managed to level the score in five minutes and continue to put on three more goals until the final whistle blown. A big congratulation to the girls for winning the trophy for three consecutive years! Well done and also farewell to all the year 11 girls (Asha, Tian Ying, Sarah, Sheryl and Tiffany) they have been playing netball since year 7 and obviously will feel weird without them next year. Good luck in your future undertakings! 

KLSL U15 Boys Football Bowl - Wong & Fahmi

On 17th October 2018, our U15 boys Red, White and Black teams went to APIS for KLSL Bowl Football. The red team started their day with wins against BSI 1-0 and 4-0 against our very own Black team. Thus making them top in Group B and through to the semi finals.  Meanwhile, Black team lost their match against BSI 0-4 and to the Red team, making them bottom at the group and unable to proceed to the semi finals.

For the White team, they started their first match losing to APIS 1-4. However, they managed to bounce back with a win against Newlands Beaconhouse by 4-0. For the record, Niyaz scored three goals in this game! Thus making them number 2 in group and qualifying for the semi finals versus TISKL Red.

During the semi finals, both Red and White looked confident and ready for the game. Both teams played really well and kept on attacking and both teams had lots of chances to score. However, the White team looked superior with their finishing whilst Dinesh and Charlie looked really solid in defence. In the end, Team White managed to beat Red by 3-1 and qualified to the Bowl Final round. Quite an upset as the Red team are predominantly Year 9 and the White Year 8.

KLISS U11 Boys Basketball Bowl - Prem

The U11 Boys Orange team unsettled their opposing teams in Bowl championship at BSKL last Wednesday and finished first in the group games after beating TISPU Silver 8-5, hosts BSKL 12-5 and BSKL Green by an impressive 10-0. 

Taylor’s were in the finals against ISP and the boys gave everything they had and put the team in a dominant position. Syamin and Peter worked really well on the court and scored many points for the team. Taylor’s won the game by 12-7 and become the Bowl champions for the year 2018. 
Congratulations to all the team members!

Team: Zubaidi, Syamin, Peter, Rafael, Marshal, Marcus, Nicky, Kai Liang
Coach: Mr. Prem

KLISS U11 Girls Basketball Bowl - Chris

What an achievement it is for the U11 girls as this season they have managed to get together 4 teams (the boys have only got 2). With Team Orange safely in the Cup Finals, Teams Red, White and Black headed to ISP to take part in the KLISS Bowl. Coach Ms.Bella and her assistant Mr.Ratcliffe had high hopes that all the girls would enjoy the experience and develop their skills as the competition progressed as this was for many their first ever basketball fixture and for some their first appearance for Team Thunder in any sport. 

All the teams showed signs of nerves and a lack of cohesion but as time went on, the girls started to improve their dribbling and shooting although defence is still a work in progress.
Team Black played 3 games, and got the full set. 1 win (8-6 vs ISP B), 1 draw (4-4 vs BSKL C) and 1 loss (6-2 vs Nexus) to finish in 6th place of the 9 teams.
Team White finished 5th having won 2 (8-2 vs ISP C and 4-0 vs BSKL B) and losing 2 (10-2 vs TISKL Red and 5-0 vs HELP A/B)
Team Red could and should have been in the final. They won their first two games comfortably 10-2 vs TISKL White and 18-2 vs ISP C. They then edged a thriller 6-4 vs BSKL B before losing in their final group game 10-4 vs HELP. Sadly, HELP had brought many of their A team players which is not what the Bowl concept is about.
Team Red finished level on points with HELP but missed out on the final due to the Head to Head rule.

In the 3rd/4th place play off they battled to a 4-4 draw with Nexus to share third place.
Well done to all girls for their efforts and they look forward to playing the KLSL competition in November.

KLSL U15 ‘White’ Netball - Bella

Thursday 18th October saw the U15 ‘White’ Netball Team played against Fairview Subang Jaya. The girls were very anxious playing against them as they watched the B play them 2 weeks ago at the Thunderdome. Nonetheless, the first quarter all seemed okay as they played really well and the score was only 1 difference after 10 minutes (5-4 to FISSJ). Entering the second quarter, the girls started to follow the opponents rhythm and failed to score as much as the first quarter. The girls lack of stamina as time went on was apparent as they became exhausted and lost their focus. The opponents sharp and quick passes were hard to break down even though there was lots of body contact during the game as many of them are basketball players. A comfortable win in the end for Fairview Subang; 16-8. Hopefully the girls can continue to train hard and progress their experience game by game.

Line-ups : Erica, Afrina, Valencia, Moesha, Nivvetha, Shamita, Victoria Nga, Victoria Nguyen Dang, Hayley, Shellyna & Michelle.
Coach     : Ms. Bella

KLSL O15 Boys Football - Chris

The boys headed to HELP without much training as of late due to the poor weather each and every Monday. That said, the boys have played enough together over the years to have the chemistry on and off the field. The first game started perfectly as they were 4-0 up against Fairview KL, goals by Madhav (penalty), Keenan, Kuhan and Ryan. The second half allowed Mr.Ratcliffe to rotate the team and although FISKL pulled a goal back, at 4-1 the boys were never in danger of losing. 

Game 2 was against the hosts HELP. The boys started off really well, and although they couldn’t score looked in full control. A defensive error allowed HELP to take the lead and suddenly they had a game on their hands. Keenan leveled the scores before Madhav made it 2-1 and coming up to half time it would have been a fair result. Such is sport, things don’t always go to plan. With the referees whistle in his mouth, Team Thunder switched off and HELP equalized in what can only be described as a soft goal to concede. This gave HELP all the confidence they required and another almighty mix up at the back allowed their pacey striker to lob Sang Woo for goal 3. Having not lost a game since Phuket back in 2015, the pressure was certainly on. However, cometh the hour, cometh the man, and up stepped captain Keenan to rescue a point. The first ever draw by this team in 5 years.

The result actually meant that if Taylor’s lost their final game vs St.Joseph’s, they would be knocked out and retaining their crown would be a distant memory. Thankfully this wasn’t to be as Madhav and Chee Syuen scored goals before half time and although it was a nip and tuck affair, Taylor’s were always in control and held on to the 2-0 win and proceed to the finals alongside HELP.

U13 Boys Football Friendly - Wong & Fahmi

On 18th October 2018 our U13 boys Red & White team went to ISKL for a friendly match and thanks to Mr Chris our Sports Director for arranging this friendlies as more matches can be played on their new fields rather than having to cancel due to our own! All our players manage to play full 45 minutes and this also will help me and Mr fahmi to analyse our player fitness level and their skills.

We were divided into three groups of abilities and played three session of 15 minutes each. Team White and Black were each has seven players only, hence they played full matches without any substitutions and nobody complain of tiredness. 
Most of them went home feeling happy because they had played full football matches. 

KLISS O15 Boys Football - Chris

Could the boys win the KLISS title for the 5th consecutive year? This would always be a difficult task with the big difference in ages (our average age of 15 vs many teams aged 17 & 18), but when 3 players do not show up, two sending emails on the morning of the game (one valid reason of illness) and one just not showing up, this task was going to be much harder than anticipated.

Playing 6 games with just 8 players in stifling heat is never easy but the boys started off well, winning their opening three games, all 1-0 vs ISP, IGB and Nexus. GK SangWoo was rarely bothered and the boys had plenty of chances which they never took. Tragedy struck as Farhan tweaked a hamstring and it meant the last 3 games would have to be played with no substitutes. KTJ ‘A’ were next and the age difference was noticeable. Despite this, the Taylor’s boys gave their all and both goalkeepers rode their luck (the goals were more U11 size than U18) and the game ended 0-0. This wasn’t a disaster for Taylor’s as KTJ ‘A’ had already lost one game vs HELP (who in turn had already lost 2 games). Next up were in fact HELP who the boys had drew 3-3 with just 42 hours earlier. This time, fatigue caught up with them and they allowed the HELP midfielder to fire in unchallenged from 20m. The boys battled hard for an equalizer but a dubious penalty was then given for what looked like a legal shoulder charge by Ryan. A red card was then branded quite rightly for dissent. The penalty was converted and this group of boys had lost a KLISS fixture for the first time since November 2014.

The final game was against KTJ ‘B’ and defeat would mean they finished as low as 5th, such were the results of the other games. Being down on troops it would have been easy to give up but the boys dusted themselves off for one more battle. Chances which would normally be smashed into the back of the net were surprisingly spurned and even though they kept their 5th clean sheet of the day, a 0-0 draw meant they had finished in third place. Not what the boys wanted but considering the no shows and age difference, not a bad result.

They look ahead to the KLSL Finals on Friday 16th November.

KLISS O15 Girls Football - Fergus

Our over-15 girls claimed a historic draw in our final group game at a sun-filled KTJ last Saturday.  Having recorded four (narrow) defeats in their opening four games at KLISS, our girls bravely clung-on for a 0-0 draw against IGB.  

The day began with a 0-1 loss against Tenby, quickly followed by a 0-2 loss against eventual winners (and hosts) KTJ.  What we needed most at this point was our morning cappuccino and a slice of cake, so we decamped to the Diem cafe and took a nice rest.

Following two further reverses (against Nexus and HELP) our team took to the field against IGB.  Some superb goalkeeping by Ai Xin was complemented by ferocious tackling in front of her by Josephine (Ji Yeon Lee), Nicole Soh and Xian Hui Sia (who was outstanding all-day).  Special mentions must also go to Shung Yuiq Tang and Ameera - who carried a threat every time they went forward -  and Aina (who played despite acquiring a nasty injury a few days earlier in training).

We look forward to our next championship and promise to search for glory. 

XC Practice Run - Chris

Despite the pouring rain, the 34 Primary and just 2 Secondary students headed out into the jungle of Nexus Putrajaya for a practice XC run in preparation for the KLISS meet in November. The excessive rain made the course a little muddy but that is part of the fun of cross country. Running 2.5km proved easy for many of the team as their minds were focused on challenging the hills and keeping up with the front group. All the boys and girls did really well, and a special shout out to Vera from Year 2 who completed the course, despite falling over at the beginning of the race and cutting her knee. This run will benefit them all as the different terrains were new to many as running round the school field or sports hall just don’t compare.

The KLISS XC will take place at UPM on November 17, from 7.30-10am.

KLSL U15 Girls Netball ‘White’ vs ‘Red’ - Bella 

The girls were supposed to play each other on Thursday 25th of October but due to UCSI mistakenly going to Puchong instead, we decided to play this fixture one day earlier. As time went by, the ‘White’ team played nervously as they are playing the ‘Red’ team from the same school and they knew it was going to get tougher. However, after the first quarter without any score, they began to get their heads in the game, some quick passes and managed to score 2 goals in the first half. The ‘Red’ played the game at their own pace and managed to score 10 points even though they were not playing in their usual positions. The game ended with ‘Red’ winning 16-5. The girls indeed have some improvements but still lacking the sense of passing the ball toward the nets. 

Overall, well done for both ‘Red’ and ‘White’ as they gained more experience and hope they will not give up and keep on playing sports in the upcoming season. 

KLSL U15 Girls ‘Red’ Netball - vs UCSI  and vs. BNIS -Yati

The U15 Red team supposed to play UCSI on 24th October but the team messed up the arrangement because they went to Puchong campus instead of KL. This has made Wednesday, the next day a busy day for our girls as the game has been rescheduled on the same day that they have to play friendly with BNIS. The girls took the challenge positively as they won both games easily. Even though they have to play 2 full games back to back, the girls have given their best in every single quarter regardless of tiredness. They convincingly beat UCSI 12-0 and also won the friendly afterwards (did not keep the score). The girls are currently ranked first in the Bowl Competition with one remaining game on this Friday. Hopefully, the good level of spirit and performance last until the last game.

KLSL U15 Girls Netball ‘White’ vs UCSI - Bella 

The U15 ‘White’ played against UCSI after the opponents finished playing against our B team. We took that as an advantage since our girls are so fresh and ready to go for a 7-minutes for 4 quarter. They started off fiercely and start to play really well with some long and quick passes towards the nets. They showed their teamwork and work harder to improve that this time they can actually play better despite all the nervous and catching the ball then pass it to move it up, and yes they did!

They won 14-3 and it was so exciting as this is their first win but the last game for them for KLSL. Nonetheless, they learn and exposed themselves more to the game situation and hope that next netball season, they are going to improve more as most of them are still eligible to play U15 next year. 

KLSL U15 Girls ‘Red’ Netball vs. MIGS -Yati

After playing two games on Wednesday, the girls travelled to MIGS on Friday, the 26th October to play their last KLSL game. It was a bring back trophy mission for them. They had to play a team that has two senior players which are physically taller and stronger compared to them. However, the Thunder girls were just too strong for MIGS as they managed to beat them 14-2 even though they were playing with their least favourite positions in the second half. Well done girls! Mission accomplished congratulations for winning the Bowl Competition. 

KLSL U15 Girls ‘Orange’ Football - Azlinda 

The U15 Girls A team went to TISPC for their rescheduled matches. The game started about 2.45 with TISPC. It wasn’t a great start as our players seemed to lose their way in the middle of play. 2 goals were scored by Puchong when they saw the goalkeeper was left alone. 

The second match against Sri KDU International School finished goal less. Team Thunder had more opportunities to score in this game but it got just unlucky when all their shots were saved by the goalkeeper. Leena did a great kick from the centre line, went straight to the goal but saved by the goalie. Second half of the match showed tremendous progress by Thunder girls.Strong shot was made by Ameera from the left wing, but it hit the bar. The game ended with 0-0 but due to goal difference, we lost out to Sri KDU and finished in 4th place. 

KLSL & KLISS U15 Boys ‘Orange’ Football - Chris

Two days of competition for the U15 Boys ‘Orange’ team due to the many postponements over the previous weeks. 

First up was KLSL Round 1 at MIGS and the hosts were first up. A great first half by Team Thunder saw Kim, Ji Hwan and Madhav all smash the back of the net to make the second half an opportunity for all the bench to stake their claim for a starting line up in game 2. No further goals but GK Aakash was merely a spectator. Game 2 was against UCSI who had surprised Puchong in game 1 winning 2-1 so the boys knew they needed to be on form. The UCSI boys resembled an U18 team and were fairly aggressive in the tackle, but when it came to skills, the Thunder boys certainly had the advantage. Ijaz, despite starting in defence fired in two long range shots, which both ended up in the top corner, Lester made it 3-0 just on the stroke of half time and the game was as good as over when Madhav made it 4-0 just after half time. UCSI did pull one back but further goals from Zafran and Lester made it a comfortable 6-1 victory. This result meant that TISKL had already qualified for the finals but the last game vs Puchong was still vital as Puchong had to win to qualify. A draw or loss would see them eliminated. The game was fairly close with neither GK really tested. Team Thunder could relax and the pressure seemed to get to Puchong more as they squandered any attacking opportunity that came their way. The game ended goalless which meant that UCSI joined TISKL in the finals due to their Head to head result over Puchong.

The next day saw the boys head down South to KTJ for KLISS Round 1. First up where Puchong who had been their opponents just 23 hours earlier. This was a completely different contest though as Puchong outclassed KL in many areas, especially in enthusiasm and had most of the possession. With KTJ’s pitch being much longer than MIGS, there were little genuine chances. Puchong hit the crossbar twice and then headed over in which was much easier to actually score all in the space of 5 seconds. Almost straight away, KL went up field and Lester’s back header went in to give Team Thunder a win which they really didn’t deserve. Such is sport, you take wins however you can.
Next up where the hosts KTJ and with the clouds getting darker, coach Mr.Ratcliffe knew that they needed to start quickly. The first half was a much improved performance from game 1 and Madhav struck the first goal to give TISKL the lead. Just after half time, the lightning alarms sounded meaning the 1-0 result counted. With two wins, Team Thunder were into the Finals. It was decided that due to Puchong and KTJ having both won a game each would also go into the final and Nexus having lost both would enter the Plate. 
KLISS U15 Girls Cup Football - Bella

On Monday 29th October, after the postponement and postponement due to the pouring rain, we finally made it for the U15 KLISS Cup Finals at HELP International School. First match seeing us play with the strongest opponent in the group, the Home team. The striker is unbeatable as the same girl scored a hattrick when they played against us. The girls started to demotivate themselves as they felt hopeless due to only having 9 players. 

Nonetheless, they started to put their heads in the game for the second game against BSKL. This time, the coach change all the tactical and also the players' position. The first half, we did have a good defense but we got unlucky as they managed to score 2-0. The second half, our girls started to play with all their heart and give all it takes to go to the semi-final. A hattrick from Sarah Ann in 10 minutes game made it possible. 

The girls then moved to the semi-final against KTJ. The opponent’s goalkeeper which is also the basketball player of the school has a really good sense of the ball movement and saved 4 balls to let us score. Still, we managed to score 1 ball and tied with 1-1. Here comes the penalty where the winner moves up to the finals. A strong shot from Yena made us in the lead with 1-0. The penalty became intense but yet we lost 2-1. 

Still hoping for at least a medal as we went this far and we met our rivals, Taylor’s Lightning for a 3rd/4th battle. The super duo defense Leena and Cerelia made the opponents struggle to even come close to the goal area. Yuen also started to dive and save the ball to ensure that the bronze medal is ours. It was quite close game as Lightning drew to KTJ during semi-final (0-0) but lost 2-1 because of penalty. Ameera as the left wing made it possible for the striker Yena and Sarah to score and they amazingly worked well together showing their teamwork made it possible to win 3-0 against Lightning!

Overall, it was a really intense evening for all of us and we did good one level up as last year we only got 4th place. They showed strong teamwork and each one of them contributes a major part for this success! Well done girls!

Full results : 
Taylors Thunder vs HELP 0-3
Taylors Thunder vs BSKL 3-2
Taylors Thunder vs KTJ 1-1 (Lost penalty 2-1) 
Taylors Thunder vs Taylors Lightning 3-0

Overall : 3rd place KLISS Cup Finals
Line-ups : Ameera, Yuen, Leena, Cerelia, Sarah Ann, Sofea, Yena, Amelia and Sophie. 

KLSL U11 Boys Bowl Basketball - Prem

The U11 Boys ‘B’ made an impressive debut in KLSL Bowl tournament at HELP International School. Team Thunder went on to win all the games except losing to TISP by 3-0 and finished second in the championship. 
TISKL 8 -  5  SJIS

Team: Zubaidi, Raphael, Syamin, Jake, Masrshal, Marcus, Nicky, Kai Liang
Coach: Mr. Prem

KLISS U9 Boys Cup Benchball - Victor

A Tournament to Forget!
30th October, the eve of Halloween and a nightmare tournament for the Thunder Team. For some reason the boys could not get themselves together, passes going amiss or straight to the opposition and in the end they finished 5th in the competition.
TISKL 5 - 13 IPS

Team: Mikael, Dave, Aliff, Xander, Deron, Zhen Song, Landon, Hans, Isaac and Prowin.

KLISS U9 Girls Cup Benchball - Azlinda

The U9 Thunder girls has been trained and get ready for to win the cup. It was held at TISPC (again) and the weather seems to be against us. Our first match was always a warm-up match where the girls were nervous and lost their way but they catch up on the next round. We were stopped for about 7 minutes to clear the court due to rain. When we played Puchong, it was such a disappointment when the referee seems doesn't actually applied the rules. We lost the chance due to advantage given to them. But that doesn’t stop our team to strives for their best. It felt great when the girls showed their progress in every match they were playing. Overall, we won 2nd and for next year, we know what to expect and what to improve, even though most of them will then be too old but its not a big problem to get a new team. 

Team : Mikayla, Aarini, Natalie, Qaireen, Sara Joo, Yong Xin, Li Shan, Mayra, Anna, Jazlyn
Coach : Ms Azlinda

KLISS U11 Boys Cup Basketball - Prem

The U11 Boys once again continued their great performance in KLISS finals. Taylor’s boys made good shots, created turnovers and scored some excellent baskets. Although there were some inconsistencies but the boys put in great team effort and beat TISP, BSKL, ISP and lost only to HELP and finished second overall in the tournament.

TISKL 16 - 21  HELP
TISKL 15 - 5 ISP 
TEAM: Zhen Fa, Lionel, Zubaidi, Amandeep, Peter, Zen Vier, Zen Vinn, Zhi Hinn, Kayson
Coach: Mr. Prem

KLISS U11 Girls Cup Basketball - Bella

Hard luck, the girls battle on the KLISS this year same as last year as we won 2 and lost 2. Nonetheless, they played well despite of the air-conditioner gym which they are not used to it. Great effort showed and massive teamwork applied in them to reach this level. They might need to workout more on their fitness level to achieve the highest peak of their performance. Looking forward for KLSL which we will be hosting on 21st of November. 


Overall results : 3rd place KLISS Cup Finals
Line-ups : Melisa Ho, Maya, Van Yi, Shanna, Loria, Lazima, Aanchal, Sanjana, 
                          Charmaine, Sun Min & Sara Fujita.
Coach : Ms. Bella

KLISS Primary Swimming - Chris

A big congratulations to Team Thunder on finishing a credible 5th in the KLISS meet at IGB. This is our highest ever position (we usually finish second from bottom) and for the first time we had a swimmer in nearly every race (all except two races). Swimming isn’t just about medals, but about PB’s and points for the team and these all added up for the 5th place finish.

All the times and finish positions will be sent to each student but the medalists were as follows:

Gold - No medals
Silver - Anna (U9 Girls 50m Breast)
Bronze - 
Zen Vinn (U11 Boys 25m Breast and 25m Free), Ethan (U9 Boys 25m Breast), Keshawn (U9 Boys 25m Back), Nathan (U9 Boys 25m Fly), Sarah (U10 Girls 50m Back), Marshal (U10 Boys 25m Free), Jake (U11 Boys 50m Breast)

Final Positions were:
Taylor’s KL
Taylor’s Puchong

KLISS U13 Girls Cup Football - Chris

Glory for Team Thunder girls football as they won a KLISS title for the first time. Going into the games without key playmaker Erina was going to make things a lot more difficult and so it proved. First up were Puchong who they had disposed of 4-0 in round 1. It was a little different this time as the girls struggled to adapt to the big open spaces. Although Hui Xin in goal was rarely tested, the Puchong GK had little to do either. The game played in the stifling sun at The New Camp was end to end and looked like ending goalless until Maya scored right on the final whistle to the joy of the whole team. Next were ISP and this was a much more fluent performance. RaBin scored in the first half and again Hui Xin had little to do. With 3 minutes remaining and Team Thunder in full control disaster struck. A whistle on the adjacent pitch made all the Thunder girls stop and the ISP striker waltzed through to score unopposed. Straight from the kick off things got even worse as the same player strode confidently through the Taylor’s defence and side footed into the net to give the Pumas a 2-1 victory. Coach Mr.Ratcliffe had work to do as they had no time to rest as IGB were waiting on the next pitch for them, fresh and confident after beating BSKL 2-0. The girls were told that with 1 defeat they could still win the Championship as there was little between any of the teams. With RaBin resting in the first half, Irise took control and scored her first goal which they were able to defend in the second half and take another 1-0 victory. The final game was against the hosts BSKL who had surprisingly lost both their games. BSKL started the brighter and scored first after a defensive miscommunication. However RaBin equalized shortly after firing in from far out. The lightning alarm went off meaning the second half was to be played under the roof at BSKL but on a much smaller pitch. Taylor’s dominated the second half but just couldn’t get any shots on target until the very last minute when RaBin’s shot was superbly saved but Irise was first to the loose ball to smash home the winner. With all 4 games played, the girls had to wait and watch to see if ISP could win just 1 of their final two games. Fortune shone on our girls on this occasion as ISP lost both their games to finish in 4th place overall as IGB took silver and Puchong bronze, after they all finished on 10 points. Team Thunder stood tall on 13 points and were Champions for 2018. Well done to all involved especially Laura and Clarissa in defence who worked tirelessly in all 4 games.

KLSL O15 Girls Football - Fergus

A last-minute HELP penalty in our final match cruelly snatched the KLSL O15 Girls’ Championship from the hands of TISKL.  After dispatching St. Joseph’s in our opening match - Ameera supplying the strike in a 1-0 victory - we fought out a titanic 0-0 draw with our sister-school Taylor’s Puchong.  It meant that a winner-takes-all showdown would take place between HELP and ourselves as the sun began to set at a balmy St. Joseph’s International School on Thursday, November 1st.

Brilliantly captained by Ashley Sia, TISKL took the lead against HELP courtesy of a venomous hit from Chloe Goy.  At 1-0 the KLSL trophy was safely within our grasp.  HELP upped the tempo but never looked likely to breach a defence containing Josephine, Sophie and Yuen Yeng.  And with Ai Xin looking impenetrable in goal throughout the competition, there was a sense of calm and ease until …

… the final minute of the final match.  Bizarrely, a penalty was awarded to HELP with neither team, nor spectators, knowing how or why.  After a full delay of 5 minutes (and with everyone still trying to speculate on a mysterious infringement) HELP stepped forward and converted their spot-kick to make the score 1-1.  And with no further scores (and with TISKL and HELP both level on 9 points for the championship) HELP won the trophy by virtue of scoring one more goal in their earlier games.

Massive respect to our girls, finishing as KLSL runners-up and for a season which showed huge improvement and development.  You girls are awesome!