U15 Boys Basketball vs ISKL 

The U15 boys made a good start in the basketball season this year in their first game against ISKL U14’s. The boys maintained a good lead in all the quarters. A much better game with great passing and moving a lot better, with overall offensive play of decent quality helped the boys to win the game by 41-14. 

U13 Boys Basketball vs ISKL 

The U13 boys played their first game of the season against ISKL last week. Although, Taylor’s were going great in the first two quarters however they could not continue their dominance in the last half of the game and were defeated by 45-39, the final score. There were inconsistencies towards the end of the game as we could not stop some turnovers which ISKL created. However, the boys have lot more basketball to play and hopefully they will make a good comeback.

The combined B and C team started off nervously against ISKL C. At ¼ times the scores where 0-0 and no team looked like taking control. Although there were a few baskets in the second quarter, it was still tied at half time; 4-4.

The second half belonged to Team Thunder with Araz, James, Sean and David being the main players and they pulled away for a comfortable 14-6 victory.

U15 Girls Basketball vs ISKL 

Starting off the season with a friendly match against ISKL, two teams of Taylor’s Thunder went to the new campus of ISKL on the 22nd January. They were very excited to play their first match after the long Christmas break. The B team lost by 2 points in the first quarter and the only problem was there was no communication among the players at all. They were back in the game with much better communication in the next quarter and this has improved their passing and catching. The girls managed to get higher possession this time and credit to Reishan who have made few fast breaks and beautiful layups. The girls have got their rhythm and have dominated the second half of the game. Well done for the Thunder B team to win their very first match of the year, 23-18. Hope this sporting spirit will continue for the remainder of the season.

Lost 23-8, the A had a pretty hard time without any point guard to play with. They’ve been screened most of the time and the opponents players were really sharp in their shooting as well. They did not give up and played their best till the end of the match but they really need to improve on their fitness and also be more understanding towards game more rather than just theory and applied everything they’ve learnt in the future. The teams might be rearranged back depending on their performance and commitment towards the training session.

Players of U15 : Cerelia Yoong, Chloe Goy, Reishan Leo, Ameera Arina, Sophie Teow, 
 Sarah Ann, YongTong, Reshika, Leena Ahmed, Jing Wen, Jia Chi, 
 Khadijah, Binnie Goh, Nivvetha, Leena Uzman, Alyssa Zain, Chong 
 Cheng, Xin Jie Tiong, Yuen Jing, Yi-Xuen
Coaches : Ms. Bella & Ms. Gemma

U13 Girls Basketball vs ISKL

The U13 B girls put up a great fight in an end to end game against ISKL on Thursday. After quickly taking a 4-0 lead thanks to 2 baskets from Megan the Thunder girls then spent much of the first 2 quarters of the game chasing shadows. Playing together as a team for the first time it took a little while for the girls to communicate effectively on court and playing man to man a lack of talking was often followed by much confusion at who was picking up who and very quickly TISKL went from 4 points ahead to 16 points behind! Once the second half of the match hit and the Thunder girls found their voices and settled down the baskets started flowing as we gradually began to eat into ISKL’s lead. A final score of 37-25 was certainly nothing to be dishearten about. Winning the second half of the match and putting 25 points on the board. The U13 B team can walk away happy at their efforts with a good platform to now build upon. However, their A team was too good. Natalie and Melisa Ho tried to penetrate the D but too many turn over happened then. They tried to give pressure to the opponents but it just that they were lacked of skills and footwork. Last few minutes Priscilla got a free throw an luckily 1 ball went in that helped us to go home with the only score. The A lost 25-1 and they really need to workout of their skills and fitness level if they want to compete with other schools for this season. They did well but could have done better in the future. The teams might as well resembled again as everything is depending on their performance.

Players of U13 : Natalie Lai, Ying En, Merissa Ooi, Melisa Ho, Fritzika, Shanna, Megan 
  To, Ruhani Roy, Maria Fernandez, Priscilla Goh, Clarissa, Irise, Hui Xin,   
  Charmaine, Noela, Sandhya, Aanchal, HaYoung & Anushri
Coaches : Ms. Bella & Ms. Gemma