A very interesting article to read about young children and sport. Let them enjoy a wide range of sports and do not pigeonhole them too early. Many will regret the lost opportunities on offer through different experiences and friendships they could make.

U16 Mixed Badminton Away vs MKIS

It was a positive outing as it gave the coaches some information on our strengths and weaknesses, especially on our girl's team in preparation for the KLISS badminton tournament which is fast approaching.

Out of 28 matches played (boys and girls, singles and doubles), TISKL won 24 matches only losing 4! Most of our players were under 14 years old against Mont Kiara’s varsity students and they played well to have big winning matches. Congratulation to all players,
Megan To, Sandhya,Yee Mun, Priscilla Goh, Yue Hang, Bryan Ng, Melcom Yap, Mun Kit, Mun Bin, Wen Jin, Sze Yee, Ashley Tan, Jeremy To, Lek Heng, Chee Yan, Yong Jin, 

U15 C Home vs BNIS and UCSI 

Our ‘C’ team warriors cruelly lost by one bucket against a spirited BNIS side, going down 23-26.   Making debuts for Taylor’s ‘C’ were Yue Hang Leong, Marcus Leong and the energetic Derek Lim.  In a game affected by stormy weather and a temporary blackout, Taylor’s were down by 6 points heading into the final quarter.  Cue the return on court of the little maestro – Nicholas Lee – whose superb passes and technical efficiency turned the game on its head (Taylor’s taking the lead and leading into the final two minutes).  

However, despite all the on-court wizardry of Madhav Menon and Keenan Goh, BNIS found a final thrust and exited the Thunderdome with a 23-26 W.

This defeat for ‘C’ was the second in 7 days following a 17-22 reverse against UCIS.

*All ‘C’ team pictures courtesy of ‘C’ team’s official photographer, Natalie Chia.

O15 A & B Home vs UCSI 

After establishing an early double digit lead against UCSI, the O15 boys never relinquished the advantage.

Ethan and Panja collectively scored most of the points in the first quarter. The game was well under control. Team Thunder ‘A’ dominated against the out classes UCSI team and the lead grew more and more at the end of each quarter resulting in a comfortable victory for Taylor’s by 44-12. 

The O15 B were also up against UCSI and started off really well however they could not keep things under control and some wrong passes in the last quarter led to 17-10 loss against the visitors.

TEAM A: Ethan, Panja, Mun Hau, Timothy, Zhen Hong, Jian Ming
TEAM B: Yew Xun, Jian Long, Kok Leong, Jia Jeng, Alec, Wong Jun Wei

U14 Boys and Girls Basketball - ISKL Invitational 

The U14 boys went to ISKL to take part in 8th Annual Panther Invitational Basketball on 23rd & 24th Feb. The other teams were Jakarta (JIS), Dalat Penang (DIS A & DIS B), ISKL Blue & ISKL Yellow.

In the round robin games TISKL played their first game against DIS B. Eldrik, Elvis & Lester exploded in the second half and scored most of the points to guide Team Thunder (17-6) to the victory. In the next game against ISKL Blue, TIS started off well and were able to move the ball and feed it onto the post players to try and post up. The game was quite close but the boys dominated in terms of offensive rebounds and drives on offence. This allowed the Thunder to win the game 14-12.

The games against JIS, DIS A and ISKL Yellow proved to be the toughest games for the Thunder boys. The boys were outclassed in all three games and the leads started to get bigger and bigger. Tiredness crept in which caused the boys to lose concentration and they lost the games against JIS 33-8, DIS A 35-14 & ISKL Yellow 30-4.

With two wins and three losses, Taylors were up against DIS A in the 3rd and 4th placing. TIS started strong in a close game where both teams were even in terms of offense and defense. However, in the last couple of minutes, Team Thunder’s shooting was a little off and they lost the game 23-19 and finished fourth in the tournament. Nonetheless, a great experience for the boys, many of whom are still U12 and U13.

Team: Eldrick, Denver, DHK, Keith, Kah Sheng, Mun Kit, Mun Bean, Lester, Adrian, Elvis, Yue Hang, Tristan
Coach: Mr. Prem

Over in the girls section there were again 6 teams competing; TISKL, ISKL Yellow, ISKL Blue, Dalat International School (DIS), Jakarta International School (JIS) and also Sunway International School (SIS). Games were played Friday evening and all day Saturday.

On Friday, the first match was supposed to be against DIS but due to rain and the Panther Pit getting wet with the heavy rain, the game was sadly postponed. The girls first game was now against one of the strongest team in KL, ISKL A Team, (ISKL Yellow). Both teams played really well in terms of offense and defense. The Thunder girls were very motivated and hustled more as they wanted to put them under more pressure, with the overall offensive play of a decent quality. Erina acted as the point guard and playmaker of the game and unfortunately for ISKL her dribbling skills was too hard for them to handle. Team Thunder managed to win 16-12, the first time a girls Basketball team has beaten ISKL Yellow. 

Our second game was against JIS, who were very fast, playing a fast pace game and with their dribbling skills far more advanced than the Taylor’s girls. The TIS girls seems demotivated at first but managed to find some chances to score by setting up passes to Chloe to score. She was the superstar for this match as she scored all the points for the Thunder and managed to get some free throws as well. However, the JIS girls were simply too strong, and they won 22-7. 

Our last game on Friday was against DIS but again, their standard is higher than ours. The Thunder’s girls made a set play and managed to score some baskets but we lost because whenever there are chances to drive in, there were no rebounder under the basket. So we lost in term of rebounding the ball. They still made Dalat work hard, but another loss, this time 18-6.

Starting off our second day of competition was a game against SIS. Their size seemed double that of our girls in terms of height but that really didn’t affect the girls at all. They believed in their ability and win with more hustle and using their brains to outsmart their opponents. Putting them under more pressure from beginning to end, the girls cooperate more in passing and attacking as they tried to do less dribbling today. Again, Erina played her major role as point guard and combined with Cerelia and Jing Wen, they made a good trio. It turned out that our girls are very good in terms of attacking using the backboard and with all rebounds under basket, we won the game by with daylight to spare 13-4. This was a really good way to start off a Saturday of sport and who knows TIS girls may go to the play-off games and create history this year. 

The last knockout game was against ISKL Blue, which is the B team for ISKL. This time we dominated them with confidence and many fast breaks and sharp shooting by Jing Wen, Cerelia and Reshika. Jay C and Wen Jing made a good duo in defense and stole the ball numerous times making it possible to win the game 15-3.

TISKL managed to qualify for the consolation play-off games (3rd and 4th placing) and again we met ISKL Blue. This time, Team Thunder seems to have off shooting or maybe where tired after 90 minutes of break time so it seemed they lost their momentum and played carelessly in the first quarter. They tried to catch up to the faster rhythm played by the Panthers and it was a really intense game to watch as both where tied 13 all and with only 21 seconds left. Cerelia tried to lay up and they accidentally hit her hands so a free-throw was only our hope to win this. Luckily, she managed to get both free shots in and overall it was really a close game which thankfully went the way of the Thunder girls and the bronze medal was theirs.

We broke the record and managed to create another history for Girls Thunder Basketball Team this year and hoping for more to come. Great work and effort by all of them! 

Full results :
Taylor’s Thunder vs ISKL Yellow 16-12
Taylor’s Thunder vs JIS   7-22
Taylor’s Thunder vs DIS   6-18
Taylor’s Thunder vs SIS   13-4
Taylor’s Thunder vs ISKL Blue   15-3
Taylor’s Thunder vs ISKL Blue          15-13

Coach : Ms. Bella
Line ups : Cerelia, Jing Wen, Erina, Yuen Jing, Wen Jing, Reshika, Natalie Lai, Leena, 
Sarah Ann, Amanda Yap, Alyssa, Chloe, Brendy, Xin Jie, Jay C and Emily Tan.

U13 Girls KLISS Basketball

Monday 26th February, the U13 girls ‘A’ team went to TIS Puchong for the rearranged U13 KLISS Round 1. They were the first away team to arrive so it gave them more advantage as they could practice more and get used to the hoops which are really different compared to ours back in KL. Not to make that issue as a problem, the girls played the first game against KTJ with few minutes delayed as they arrived late. Again, more advantage to us as they haven’t warmed up properly. The very strong starting 5 - Erina, Sarah Ann, Leena Ahmed, Reshika and Eunice; starting very strong as they were very determined to win against the opponents. Few interceptions and perfect layups put us in the lead as the other team is not comparable with our girls and the Thunder won 20-0.

Next up where Nexus. Their size and height was bigger than our girls but again, the girls knew how to play smart and the new players such as Eunice, Yuen Jing and Maria scored some hoops as they hustled and played a fast paced game. The girls kept on pressing and played at a pace and intensity that Nexus couldn’t match and a 12-3 victory was theirs.

The last game was against our sister school and it was intense with the Lightning in the lead 2-0 with only 20 seconds time played. They reset the game and started to put their heads in the game and made very fast passes and then completed it by sharp shooting. Alyssa, Merissa and Natalie worked really well as the trio in defending while Yee Mun and Erina worked together in offense. We keep subbing players and the Lightning’s Girls got confused with who to mark and again, we took the lead and ended the game winning 11-4.

With TIS in first place and Nexus coming second, both qualified for the KLISS Finals on 8th March to be played on our home turf; The Thunderdome. Congratulations and well done to the girls for all the hardwork, tears, blood and sweat in making this dream a reality. Hope to see more improvements for the girls basketball team for Team Thunder. They will need to prepare more and come out stronger physically and mentally prepared for the finals where they will be up against Nexus, BSKL, ISP and HELP.

Coach : Ms. Bella
Line ups : Sarah Ann, Leena Ahmed, Erina Sam, Reshika, Xin Jie, Eunice, Alyssa Wong, 
Natalie, Maria, Yee Mun, Merissa Ooi and Yuen Jing.

Secondary Athletics 

On Tuesday 27th March over 35 students headed over to Alice Smith with Mr.Ratcliffe to test themselves in an athletics mini meet vs KLASS, TISPC, ISKL and GIS. 
With the events on offer being 100m, 400m, 800m, LJ, Shot and Javelin, there was every opportunity for the boys and girls to put into practice what some had been practicing over the past few weeks. 

There were a mixed bag of results as the middle distance events again look like being the achilles heel for Team Thunder as many of the runners struggle to match the pace of the ISKL students in particular. Li Shern and Irise again showed that the 400m is their event and they will hope to be victorious in the KLISS meet on March 9. Erina again improved on her Long Jump and Sarah Ann won the 100m beating her team-mates Alyssa, Irise and Erina.

All in all a good exercise which has allowed the coaches to make the necessary decisions before they head over to Panasonic to meet in the annual KLISS Secondary meet which TISKL will host as the current Champions. 

Girls U16 Netball vs TISPC

The U16 Netball girls, who have only had training once a week since coming together as a team in January, took on their sister school (TISPC) in a friendly fixture on 27th February as a warm-up game to get ready for their first international tournament. With the SEA Netball Tournament just around the corner the Thunder girls, who were lacking two main players, won the match easily, 26-9. The score was a lot better compared to the score they had last year. This has proven their hard work and enthusiasm to come for the morning training improved them to a great extent. 

Team: Chloe, Asha, Sophie, Sarah Tan, Tian Ying, Jing Wen, Tiffany, Demi, Sheryl and Lisako

Girls U11 ’A’ & ‘B’ KLSL Football 

The U11 girls travelled to HELP on Wednesday for their second games of the KLSL league. 

The A team stepped up first and on a hot afternoon battled well in a very evenly matched game against a good HELP side the girls were very unlucky to come away on the wrong side on a 2-0 score line. Despite the Thunder girls having plenty of possession and creating some good chances once again our lack of a clinical touch in front of goal hindered the performance. 

Laura and Hannah once again put in very solid performances in defences and Hoi Xin was unfortunate that the 2 times the HELP strikers were let in behind our defense 2 very well taken goals were scored.

The B team were next to take on HELP and knowing that the team had got a good result  against the A team it was always going to a hard match for the B’s. After going 1-0 down early on the B team were given a lifeline when a clear goal scoring chance was handled on the line by a HELP player leaving the referee no choice but to award the Thunder girls a penalty. Rosha stepped up to take the penalty but unfortunately hit the ball straight down the middle of the goal giving the goalkeeper an easy save to make. This could have been a turning point in the game but from here HELP then took hold of the game and managed to score another 5 goals putting the game well out of reach for the Taylor’s girls.

Boys U11 ‘A’ KLSL Football

Our U11 'A' team played in the KLSL football meet against TIS Puchong, Help School Team 'A' & 'B'.

Our first match was against HELP 'B' team. They started, feeling very nervous and in four minutes time, they were already a goal down! At halftime, it was 2-1 in favour of EHLP. During the interval, coach Mr.Wong told them not to worry about winning and just play their normal game and stay focused. The players played with more confidence and create a few good chances which they converted and at full time Taylor’s cam away with a 3-2 victory. Our scorers were Ryan Chan (1) and Peter (2).

The next match was against TIS Puchong. Being their home ground and after beating TISKL the previous week in the KLISS tournament, they were much more aggressive and confident. At  the end of the first half, we were already 3-0 down. With a change of strategy with one on one marking, they managed to avoid being beaten with a bigger goal margin. In the end, Puchong were just too good, winnin 0-4.

The boys last match was with HELP 'A' team. At halftime, they were again down 0-3 due to a loss of confidence and focus. More words of wisdom at half time from Mr.Wong telling them they needed to salvage some pride and battle on regardless of the score. And in 7 minutes, the boys responded by scoring 3 goals in succession and our unique fourth goal came from Gagandeep the goalkeeper who kicked the ball directly into the opponent's net from a goal kick! This is the first time such a goal have happened for Team Thunder. Our goal scorer were Peter ( 2 ), Syamin (1), Gagandeep (1). The finals result was 4-4.


On 27th and 28th March 2018, MSSWPKL Golf Tournament was held in Seri Selangor Golf Club, Petaling Jaya. There are 3 students involved in the tournament, Aiden Kei, Wang Xin Qi,  and Wang Xin Yao (Y5T).
On the first day, Aiden finished strongly with 79 strokes and ranked second place in U-15 Boys Category (18 holes). Unfortunately, Aiden did not maintain his performance on the second day due to pressure from his competitor and finished with 94 strokes. He finished the tournament with total 173 strokes and ranked overall 5th place.
Wang Xin Qi, who played in U-15 Girls Category (18 holes) finished 3rd place with the results of total 179 strokes, where 95 strokes from Day 1, and 84 strokes from Day 2 not bad considering she is still only 13.
Our school secure a challenge trophy from U-12 Girls Category (9 holes). Wang Xin Yao won 1st place with her outstanding performance of total 87 strokes, where 44 strokes from Day 1 and 43 strokes from Day 2. A very consistent performance.
Both Wang Xin Qi and Wang Xin Yao are selected to represent W.P. Kuala Lumpur to take part in MSSM Golf Tournament which going to held from 18-23 March 2018 in Kedah.

Boys U13 Boys KLSL Basketball

The U13 A & B teams locked horns against each other in the KLSL match last Tuesday 27th February. It was a very dominant defensive performance by the Team A. The pressure defense caused many turnovers with a few coming via steals. The rest was just a result of stress and Team A recorded a massive victory by 79-11. However, Pu Heng from Team B stole the limelight by scoring three 3 pointers in four attempts but the rest of the team struggled to contribute due to the size, age and experience difference as many of the B team are still Year 7 and 8, with the A team are Year 8 and 9.

Boys U11 ‘B’ KLSL Football

The U11 Boys football ‘B team headed over to Sri KDU on Wednesday 28th March. For many this was their first away trip so they were nervous about performing well.
Sri KDU had most of the possession in the first half but just couldn’t find the target. Just before half time, Fariz weaved his way past two defenders and calmly slotted home to give Team Thunder a slender 1-0 halftime lead.

The second half saw TISKL have more possession with Zen Vinn and Afham on debut making some good runs but they just couldn’t create any clear cut scoring opportunities. Sri KDU had five really great chance to draw level but the heroics of goal keeper Kae Sern kept the score at 1-0. All the pressure finally told as a defensive error allowed SCIPS to score the equalizer which they certainly deserved. Well done to all the boys and they look ahead to their next match with much more confidence.

Team: Kae Sern, Thomas, Victor, Zen Vinn, Zuhair, Zubaidi, Arsha, Pavan, Afham, Fariz & Imran

Girls U15 ‘B’ KLSL Basketball vs BNIS

This is the second game played in the league and the girls started off strong with full court press and long passing finishing off the move it with a perfect lay up. The girls were leading 8-0 in the first half. Soo A and Sophie worked hard as great defenders as they intercepted the ball while Natalie and Semi were the duo for the offensive plays. However, the girls fitness seems to be a massive issue as they also started to lose their focus and made a few mistakes allowing the opponents to score one basket also by fast break. The girls then started to get their heads back in the game for the second half and hustle more. They were fully energetic and motivated, aiming to win this game no matter what. A few rebounds by Ming Jie while Lydia was a helpful player as she always was there to assist her teammates. A 16-2 victory meant it was two wins from two in the Bowl.

Coach : Ms. Yati
Line ups : Semi Lee, Natalie, Sophie, Xin Jie, Ming Jie, Jung Min, Soo A, Khadijah, Penny and Lydia.

Girls U15 ‘A’ KLSL Basketball vs SRI KDU

The girls ‘A’ team played their second KLSL game against Sri KDU which was 20 minutes delayed as they arrived late to the Thunderdome. Starting the game with the strongest five players - Yuiq, Cerelia, Alicia, Ai Xin and Yue Tung, they managed to lead 20-2 at the end of the first half. Aiming to get the score above 30 points, they started to hustle more and the second five - Ashley, Jing Wen, Jay C, Wen Jing and Chloe played an impressive game as they intercepted the ball and didn’t allow Sri KDU into the game. Reishan also played her role well as small forward and controlled the game well. In the last 10 seconds and having their opponents defending us full court, the ball somehow got into Yuiq’s hands and her dribbling skills were way too good for Sri KDU to handle and she scored 1 last basket by a perfect layup and ended the game beautifully 40-4 in favour of Team Thunder.

Coach : Ms. Bella
Line ups : Yuiq, Cerelia, Alicia, Ai Xin, Yue Tung, Ashley Sia, Jing Wen, Jay C, Wen Jing, 
Chloe and Reishan.

Boys U15 ‘A’ KLSL Basketball vs HELP 

In another KLSL game the U15 A boys proved their mettle once again. Although the boys didn’t start the game well and conceded some early points, they came back strong after a change of tactics. With unity and toughness the whole team played their role well and registered another victory 35-29, They will meet HELP again in the KLISS Finals on March 15 at BSKL.

Team: Jian Ming, Jing Herng, Zheng Hong, Kuhan, Jun Wei, Jeff, Jay Fong, Leon, Douglas, Henry, Chee Syuen
Coach: Mr. Prem