KLISS U15 Girls Volleyball 

The U15 Thunder girls welcomed TIS Puchong, Nexus and KTJ to the Thunderdome on Thursday to compete in the opening round of KLISS for 2018. Having had a disappointing volleyball season in 2017, the girls were keen to get back to winning ways.

First up to take on Team Thunder were Nexus. In a close first set, which could have gone either way, Nexus came out on top with a 15-11 victory. This kick started the Taylor’s girls competitive spirit and the second set saw some of the longest rallies the girls have ever been a part of with both teams fighting to save every ball. This set TIS Kuala Lumpur pulled away to a 15-7 victory, levelling up the scores to one set a piece. The tie breaker set was then dominated by the Thunder team who were certainly on a roll at this point and finished clear 9-3 winners taking the game 2-1.

Next challengers were TIS Puchong who were a very well organised unit. Losing the toss and therefore giving Puchong the first serve the Thunder girls struggled against their big over arm serve, then failing to keep serve ourselves when a point was won, cost the team and before they knew it the first set was over with TIS Puchong leading 15-4. Again, this loss gave the Thunder girls a boost and in the second set the girls clung on and defended excellently against the strong attacking play of Puchong. Unfortunately, for the Thunder girls it was not quite enough and a 15-12 win gave TIS Puchong the second set and the match.

Final game of the evening saw KTJ step on court and having not won a set yet in their 2 previous matches the Thunder girls were full of confidence. Taking the first set quickly with a 15-6 score and needing to win one more set to guarantee a place in the KLISS finals complacency set in and the girls proved to themselves that you should never underestimate any team, with their heads already in celebration mode, KTJ put point after point onto the scoreboard leaving the Thunder girls lost at how to find a way back as they conceded the second set 15-1! This shock for the girls was a harsh grounding back in reality, showing that victory is never just given, it is earned and after a quick chat and a check of themselves the girls came out for the tie-breaker determined not to let go of that spot in the finals. The Thunder girls made quick work of the tie-breaker winning 9-2 and sealing their place in this years KLISS finals. Well done girls.

KLISS U15 Boys Volleyball 

The U15 boys went to KTJ on April 26 to take part in KLISS Volleyball Round 1. The other participants being Nexus, TIS Puchong and KTJ.

Team Thunder played their first game against Nexus and both teams were at par in the skills of the game. However, the Taylor’s boys looked more agile on the court and fierce serves from Zhen Hon and Chee Syuen helped them to win the game by 2 sets to 0.

In the next game against Puchong, Team Thunder did not have to sweat much to gain the victory. TIS Kuala Lumpur outclassed the opponents and won the game easily by 2-0. 

The last game was KTJ who had also won their previous two games and were looking good. There were numerous rallies and again boys showed class against the hosts. Leon and Chee Syuen earned two points on the trot with smashing the ball sharp into the back row and won the first set. The KTJ boys came back strong and won the second set by 17-15. So the last set was only nine points and TIS was leading by 8-7. Chee Syuen’s powerful serve was spot on and boys won the last game by 2-1 and reached to the KLISS finals. This will take place on 10th May at TIS Kuala Lumpur. Congratulations to all the team members.

Team: Chee Syuen, Jun Wei, Jian Ming, Jing Herng, Byron, Leon, Kuhan, Zhen Hong, Leon, Musa
Coach: Mr. Prem

KLASS U11 Invitational Boys and Girls Football

Sunday 29th April saw Alice Smith host a large U11 Football competition for both boys and girls. Both TIS teams were in the Trophy competition and fancied their chances of making the finals. First up, the boys were against Alice Smith’s C team. With many of our boys unable to attend, there was a mixture of A and B players and it looked like it would take time for them to gel. Not in game 1, as they dominated from the first whistle and came away convincing 5-0 winners. The next game was against MIGS and it was a very close affair, with GK Gagandeep making a series of fine saves. Ryan scored the only goal of the game to give the boys their second win. Next up were Marlborough College, Johor. An own goal gave Team Thunder an early lead but MCJ equalised not much later. The second half saw both sides go close but a series of squandered chances and good GK saves meant the score stayed at 1-1. As is the norm for the boys, they had one game where they were below par and this was in game 4 vs AISM. The Australian boys looked considerably bigger and this seemed to have a psychological effect on our boys who showed them too much respect. Goals either side of half time meant the boys lost their first game 2-0. The final game was against BSKL B and the boys knew not only did they have to win but they had to win big if they were to make the final. Yannick scored the second following Ryan’s opener and at 2-0 the boys had to wait for other results to see if they had qualified.

AISM, MCJ and TIS Kuala Lumpur all finished on 10 points, but both AISM and TIS Kuala Lumpur were plus 6 on the points difference (MCJ +5), this meant that the Head to Head came into play and as AISM had beaten our boys, it was they who went into the Final vs Tenby. Considering the boys missing, it was a courageous attempt by Team Thunder and they will rue the fact they couldn’t score more against both KLASS and BSKL despite having many chances to do so.

Over on the girls pitches Team Thunder could not have started any better in game 1 vs KLASS Green. Raveen put the ball in the back of the net with her first touch after only 8 seconds. 30 seconds later, Jasmyn calmly slotted in number two and it looked like it would be a stroll in the park for the girls. Things evened up after this and KLASS Green pulled one back just before halftime. The girls looked like they had done enough to hold on to a 2-1 victory but a goal kick in the final 30 seconds went direct to their forward who made it 2-2 and vital points lost for Team Thunder. Next up were KLASS Red and from the off the Taylor’s girls were on top. Some great passes from Maya split open the KLASS defence on many occasions but the girls just could not beat the KLASS GK who was in superb form, diving at the feet of Taylor’s girls time after time. With KLASS offering little in attack due to great defending by Laura and Van Yi, a 0-0 result was not what the girls needed with all the possession they had.

In the third game versus BSKL B, everything fell into place and the goals flowed as Maya inspired the team to a 4-0 win, the highlight being when she collected the ball in her own half and powered past all the team and blasted the ball into the bottom corner.

The final game was against GIS and a draw or victory would put the girls into the final. Sadly, too many defensive errors saw the girls concede two early goals and it was all uphill from there. Maya pulled one back to give the girls hope but another defensive lapse saw Garden extend their lead and gave them first place in the group and a place in the final. 

Overall a great experience for the girls and boys and hopefully they can attend more of these in the future.

KLISS U9 Teeball Plate

Thunder’s first game was against HELP and Maya, our captain, decided to field first. HELP managed to get 8 players home with some wayward fielding from our team. Unfortunately, Thunder’s batting innings did not start well with the first two players hitting the ball directly to the pitcher and being ran out at first base. Thunder managed to get a couple of home runs before two “flyballs” and an out for throwing the bat meant that they lost 8 - 7.

In the second game against Tenby, Maya decided to field first again. As in the first game the fielding was mixed with some good moments and some “erractic” moments. Luckily, the batting was a lot better with 10 of our players managing to get home, which meant that Thunder won 10 - 7.

The final game was against our sister school, TIS Puchong, and this time Maya lost the toss and Thunder were put into bat. In this game, the batting was not as clinical as in the previous game with the batters not managing to change their tactics, leading to four consecutive players being ran out at 3rd base. When it was Thunders turn to field they were “erratic” again. The game boiled down to the TIS Puchong last batter, they had two players on bases, but fortunately (for us) the pressure got to the batter who struck out which meant that TIS Kuala Lumpur won 7 - 6.

With these results TIS Kuala Lumpur Thunder finished 2nd in the plate competition, the one run loss to HELP costing them first place. A special mention must be made to Maya who managed to catch four “flyballs” as pitcher and also worked well with Megan who was on first base.

The team will look forward with confidence to the KLSL fixtures in June (against Puchong, HELP and SJIIM).

Back row: Scott 4A, Hyun Jun 4L, Darren 4T, Megan 5Y, Aisya 5L, Hui Cheng 5L, Hong Lina 4A
Middle row: Zhi Hin 5T
Front row: Zhen Song 4R, Arman Mikael 4T, Maya 5A, Sara Fujita 4O

Director Of Sport