TISKL In Touch -5 April 2019
Message from The Principal
4 April 2019 - Message from the Principal

Book Week has been hugely successful, culminating with the character parade and ‘door dressing’. Congratulations to all involved in this annual event to encourage children to read books. In this technology driven society, it is easy to overlook the importance of reading and the creativity, imagination and pleasure that can be had from simply reading. We can all do our part to show children the joy of reading. Please see the Primary and Secondary sections newsletters and the social media feeds for photos and more details of the book week.

The weather has been quite variable over recent weeks, so I thought it would be a good idea to remind parents about the guidelines that we have in place connected with weather.

It looks like we have come to an end of the heatwave that we have been experiencing but parents should know that the PE staff do monitor this on a daily basis and do use the shade and water supply that is on the school field. Please encourage your child to drink more water in this weather.

We are now approaching the time of year associated with the haze. We do monitor this externally on a daily basis. On days where the AQI reading reaches 100, we will curtail the outdoor activities for PE lessons and CCA and sports fixtures. If the readings get higher, students will be kept indoors in the air conditioning for lessons and also for breaks and lunchtimes.

With the rain, we also experience electrical storms and it is worth reminding everyone about the lightning alarm system we have in place. The alarm will sound and the lights will flash if there is an electrical storm close the school. When this happens, everyone should go under the cover of the school roofs. Too many people are killed in Malaysia due to lightning, and we don’t want that to happen to anyone here. The alarm will sound and the lights will stop when it is safe to go outside again.

On Tuesday, we had a very successful evacuation practice. We emptied the buildings in just under five minutes with everyone assembling on the school field, which was really good. These evacuations are very important in building default actions that everyone does when they hear the alarm bells ringing. 

A reminder that Friday is the end of Term 1 and is the last day in school. I wish you all a peaceful, and restful end of term break. 

We start school again on TUESDAY 23rd April not Monday.