TISKL In Touch -14 June 2019
Message from The Principal
14 June 2019 - Message from the Principal
I hope that everyone had a peaceful and enjoyable Raya break last week.

Now we can focus on the remaining seven weeks before the end of term, where there is a lot happening, with lots of sport, the Year 11 trial (or mock) exams, and the Parent Teacher Conferences for Term 2, to mention a few. Please refer to the online school calendar for more details.

Just before the Raya break we received some terrible news, that the Kampung Pandan Community Centre had been affected by a serious fire. Fortunately nobody was hurt but a lot of property was destroyed. The Primary school has been supporting this centre for a few years now, so that the children involved can get an education. Upon hearing the news, an email was sent out requesting basic items for the people of the community centre and the response was marvelous. Thank you parents for your kind support. These pictures show the initial donations that were taken over to the centre on the last friday of school.
The May session of IGCSE has now finished, with students taking papers in Foreign Language Malay, and Foreign, Second and First language Chinese. As a reminder to parents, these subjects are not available in the November session, when students sit for their other subjects. The results come out in August.

Peter Wells