TISKL In Touch - 20 February 2019
Message from The Principal
20 February 2019 - Message from the Principal
Tuesday’s lion dance in the school courtyard, and the Primary celebration in the hall, once again made me proud to be with this school. Our students embraced these events whether they were Chinese or not, from the drummers performing to the whole school, to the younger students performing Chinese songs on the stage. 

For the Lion dance we also had two unicorns joining in, with this auspicious animal being a Hakka tradition. Unicorns bring good fortune and the ability to ward evil spirits off. 
Many congratulations to everyone for playing their part, with their vibrant dress and enthusiasm. It was a great day. 

I wish everyone a healthy, safe and prosperous lunar year ahead.

Special thanks  to the Performing Arts team who have been very busy over recent weeks playing at a variety of locations, producing rave reviews everywhere they have been. They performed at Sunway Velocity Mall, the InterMark Mall, the Pavilion Mall, and a large CNY event at Bukit Jalil which was shown on TV2. Additionally they  performed at Masjid Al-Muhsinin in a “Harmony in Diversity” event, which was very well received. The passion and energy of these students is evident, as was their pride in doing the best they can do. 
Well done to everyone involved, especially the teachers, as it takes long hours of practise to achieve these results.

School is now settling into a routine after the public holidays and cultural events, and so it is a good opportunity to give everyone some reminders.

-All parents must wear their ID in school. This is a simple way of knowing that a person should be in school.
-Parents should not be near the classrooms or corridors during lessons times from 8.00 till 3.00. Parents in school during these hours should be in the courtyard or have appointments with the Primary or Secondary school offices.
-Parking in and around the school is difficult and I urge everyone to be sensible and respect other road users, especially the owners of the houses near the school. It is very busy in the morning and afternoon, but it only takes one car to stop in the wrong place to quickly cause a jam.

Peter Wells