TISKL In Touch - 28 February 2019
Message from The Principal
28 February 2019 - Message from the Principal
Taylor’s International School KL is always involved in promoting good practise among its teaching staff, but we don’t tell parents about it very often. This week is a good time to inform you all about what we have been doing!

Since the inception of the International school in 2010, we have been asking teachers to think about what students learn, rather than focus on what they teach. We do this by using research about  how a child’s brain works, and then applying trusted methods from around the world to reinforce teaching to help it have a greater impact. All sections of the school have weekly continuous professional development (CPD) sessions to increase the impact of teachers in the classroom. These CPD sessions can vary from department organisational meetings through small group mentoring, to whole section training. These are all essential to challenge teachers to produce their best practice in the classroom.

For many years, we have been using an education support company from the United States, called Quantum Learning. Longer term parents will recognise this name from previous years, from Annual Reviews, and newsletters in connection with teacher development. Quantum learning have been sending trainers to Malaysia twice a year to expose our teachers to strategies to help our teachers have a greater impact with students.

In March, Mark Reardon from Quantum Learning will be visiting the school to work with our teachers. We have also arranged for him to present a session about the benefits of the Quantum Learning system to parent’s on 6th March at 8.00 am in the 7th floor training room. If you would like to attend this session please contact the school.  

Please look at their web site (http://www.quantumlearning.com/) or see the videos on our website to see in more detail what they are doing.