Kuala Lumpur, November 2016 – Students of Taylor’s International School Kuala Lumpur had an aim; they wanted to make a difference for children with cancer by raising awareness about cancer and how it not only affect adults but also children as young as 8 months. The school collaborated with the National Cancer Society of Malaysia (NCSM) with an aim to raise RM20,000.00 to help fund the treatment of children with cancer, hence a “We Care” Childhood Cancer campaign was set up. Funds were gathered by getting the school community to adopt a soft bear at RM100 for a child with cancer and also a general donation drive. Students were asked to write well wishes to the cancer patients, and through these messages provide comfort, love and support to the children, giving them encouragement. 

The campaign was a great success as a total of RM22,000.00 was raised with the proceeds going to NCSM to help ease the burden of parents who cannot afford treatment for their children. NCSM’s General Manager, Mr. Sudhaharan Nair thanked the school for their efforts in raising this money said, “Ideally, I hope we can live in a society free of cancer, but for now, the most we can do is to educate the public on the wide spread of cancer and the importance of health screening.” As part of educating the students and the community about cancer, NCSM conducted talks to students and parents about nutrition and cancer awareness.

At the end of this campaign, 15 students from Taylor’s International School Kuala Lumpur visited the children with cancer at the General Hospital of Kuala Lumpur and also Children’s Home of Hope, a home run by NCSM. The students presented the bears, sang songs, talked and played with the children and spread some positive vibes to the children to make their day. During this visit, the students learned compassion and empathy towards others. Peter Wells, Principal of Taylor’s International School Kuala Lumpur said, “The sale of bears, together with the awareness raising and the messages to the children, have all helped to educate our students about cancer and has also enabled students to reflect and ponder about how fortunate they are and they were also taught the value of respect and care for others who are less fortunate.”

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