All students at Taylor’s International School wear school uniform.
They must be neatly and smartly dressed at all times, including when representing the school in public places. The school uniform for Early Years, Primary and Secondary differs, please refer to the design illustrations. 

All uniform can be purchased from the school bookstore.

  • Shoes and Socks
    Students should wear predominantly black shoes to school. Shoes must be clean at all times. Only plain white socks are allowed, and socks must rise above the ankle.
  • Belts
    Only black belts are allowed, 3cm wide size, and a simple and small buckle in black or silver. No fancy buckles allowed.
  • Caps
    Students are not allowed to wear caps inside the classrooms, caps are only allowed during PE lessons outside on the field.
  • Jewellery
    Students are not allowed to wear jewellery in school. Boys are not allowed to wear any earrings. Girls are allowed to wear a pair of simple ear studs. Parents/ guardians are required to write in to request for their child/ward to wear pendants, bangles and wrists bands on religious grounds.
  • Hair

    Boys hair
    • Back length – should be above the collar.
    • Front length – hair must not reach the eyebrows
    • Side – must not cover the ears
    • Side burns – must not be longer than the bridge of the nose.
    • Beard and moustache – students are not allowed to keep beard and moustache unless on religion grounds.

    Girls Hair
    • Length – hair that is below collar length should be tied up at all times
    • Fringe – must not reach the eyebrows, or should be pinned up.
    • Ribbon – black ribbon only- width not to exceed 1.5cm
    • Hair clips – only simple black hair clips are allowed.
    • Hair bands – only small black hair bands are allowed.

    Fancy hair styling is not allowed, neither is gelled nor spiked hair. Dying of hair is also not allowed.
  • Cosmetics and make-up
    Students are not allowed to wear any form of make-up in school.


  • Early Years
  • Primary
  • Secondary
  • Baju Kurung
    For baju kurung, a white camisole (or skin colour camisole) must be worn on the inside. The headscaf (tudung) must be in plain white or grey without any lace, beads, or other accessories.
  • School Hoodie
    Students are encouraged to wear school hoodie (black) to keep warm. Sweatshirts and 
    other colourful hoodies are not allowed in school.

  • House T-shirt
    For PE lessons, students are required to wear their house colour t-shirt and black track 
    bottom or shorts. There are four-colour house t-shirts and each student will be assigned 
    to a particular house colour. Students will have to change back to their school uniform after PE lessons and sports practices. 

  • Sports Kit
    For sports activities, students have a choice to wear the school generic sports kit which consist of either a short-sleeve t-shirt with a pair of shorts or a sleeveless t-shirt with a pair of shorts.