TIS Puchong is a new purpose-built campus. The School provides a nurturing learning environment with state-of-the-art facilities. It is built on a 7.88-acre site with an environmentally sustainable design. 
The green design reflects our guiding values of respect and care for the environment. Our cutting-edge facilities offer engaging learning that allows students to explore and learn with inquisitive minds that go beyond the classrooms.

Open Learning Environment

The School is designed to be open and flowing, from space to space, to stimulate the mind to possibilities where the concept of learning is redefined. Learning is continuous, seamless, and not confined to just the classrooms, but occurs everywhere in the physical spaces.

Green Building

Caring for the environment is not just a subject taught in School but a way of life in the campus. The buildings are oriented on an East West Axis to minimize heat gain from the Sun. The double tier roof shades the buildings and keeps it cool throughout the day.

Venue For Hire

Interested in our facilities? We have venues available for hire. Click here to download brochure.