Scholarships 2019 application is close.

The Taylor's International School Scholarships 2019 is offered to Malaysian students who are keen to enrol in Taylor’s International School Puchong in Year 6 to Year 10. This scholarship programme is awarded based on the strength of the student's academic performance, outstanding leadership and/or co-curriculum involvement. This is a 2-year programme which is subject to satisfactory review and renewal.

Who can apply?

  • Malaysian students who are currently not enrolled in TIS Puchong and can not normally afford to attend an
  •      international school but demonstrate potential for excellence.
  • Students with high academic achievement and high proficiency in English.
  • Students with active participation in co-curricular activities and outstanding record of service to school or
  •      community.

    What is covered in the scholarship?

    - 100% waiver on Application Fee
    - Registration Fee, Tuition Fee and Security Deposit depends on the percentage of scholarship to be offered.

    How to apply?

    To apply, students need to fill in the application form and send it to the Principal Office.

    Supporting documents to be attached with the application form:
    School recent reports and certificates (all must be certified copies).
    A letter of recommendation from School Principal or Teacher.     

    Please submit your application form by post or hand to the School at the following address:

    The Principal
    Taylor's International School Puchong
    No. 1, Jln BP 14/7, Bandar Bukit Puchong 2,
    47120, Puchong, Selangor.

    (Note: Please label ‘Scholarship’ on the top right corner of your envelope.)
    All applications must be submitted by 28th September 2018 (Friday).

    Scholarships 2019 Application Form
    Scholarships 2019 Info Sheet

    A catch up with our 2017 Scholarship recipients Arvind and Grace.

    "When you are chosen, try to focus on the basic stuff(studies) once you enter the school or else you will struggle,"- Arvind's advise to future IGCSE scholars
    We recently had a chat with Arvind Asokan and Grace Lee our 2017 IGCSE scholarship recipients to find out how they are in Taylor’s International School Puchong. 

    Can you share your experience in TISPC?
    Grace: The teachers are very nice and kind where they help me whenever I needed help. The facilities here are also very good.
    Arvind: I find it a very welcoming environment. The teachers are willing to go out of their way to help you and are very approachable.

    What are the difference that you feel and experience compare to your previous school?
    Arvind: First of all, the facilities are much better. The teachers here are generally more helpful as well. 
    Grace: I agree with Arvind where the facilities are much better. 

    How are your preparations coming along for the IGCSE?
    Grace: It’s coming along well. I started planning my time better.
    Arvind: I feel that I need to do more but I have been building it up since the beginning of the year.

    How has the scholarship help you so far in achieving your goal?
    Arvind: The scholarship places a certain pressure where it makes me perform better. It also helps me to stand a chance for other opportunities as well as it is a stepping stone.
    "Be your best self as it shows what kind of person you are as this will gain the interviewers’ attention,"- Grace's advise to future IGCSE applicants
    Other than academic what other things have you learn or experience that you feel is valuable during your time here?
    Arvind: Coming here has given me a lot of opportunity to be in the debate team. I have been participating in the Debate CCA team. I have also participated in a lot of debate tournaments as well.
    Grace: Because there is a swimming pool I took up swimming. I also had the opportunity to participate in drama classes. Working in the musical really did help me see in detail the behind the scene. I saw that there was a lot of hard work involve. Also watching the musical director (Mr. Ian) on how he directed the show really help me to see in depth of what it is like especially on the backstage. As my previous school was smaller there was no opportunity for this field. It is also something I would like to go into in the future. 

    What are your plans for the future?
    Arvind: I am still very open on what I want to do in the future. That is why my subjects that I am taking currently is in a broad range.
    Grace: I am open as well but I would like to go into entertainment but leaning more towards behind the scene, the technical area. 

    What do you look forward to in the coming Year 11?
    Arvind: I look forward to get my study timing straight as well as more talks from the school on how to plan my studies.

    Finally, what are your advice for future IGCSE scholars?
    Grace: Be your best self as it shows what kind of person you are as this will gain the interviewers’ attention. Work hard and have a goal in your mind. Also during interview speak with confidence. 
    Arvind: Apart from what Grace said, a lot of interviewee tend to get nervous during the interview so I would advise them to talk casually and calmly. Also, when you are finally chosen try to focus on the basic stuff(studies) once you enter the school or else you will struggle.