A group of TIS Puchong's Secondary School students had the opportunity to visit the UK for a Creative Study Tour during the April term break. This is a diary of their learning experiences during the trip.
Day 5
This morning we had a little bit of a lie in - much to the relief of the students! 

Our first stop was to Jamie Oliver’s Cooking School where the students met with Chef Alice and were taught how to make filled pasta which was also to be their lunch! There were some very interesting variations of Ravioli and Tortellini, but the students had great fun in the kitchen. Some even surprised themselves! 

After lunch we headed towards the Royal Academy of Music in London. We enjoyed a tour of the history and antique instruments like rare stringed instruments to the amazing piano and vibraphone collections. The students were amazed at all the advances made from the very early instruments and enjoyed touring the museum. 

After the museum we made our way back to the Thames and visited Shakespeare’s Globe theatre. Here, the students enjoyed seeing what it was like for actors and even Shakespeare to perform back in the 16th Century. We were able to sneak a peek at an upcoming performance of Henry IV which was rehearsing on stage. 

After The Globe, we made our way to the magnificent St Paul’s Cathedral and enjoyed listening to the Choir and some of the evensong sermon. The students were all in awe of the sheer beauty of the building and stained glass windows. 

Dinner was at an Indian restaurant where the students enjoyed Korma, Tikka Masala and Vegetable Curry. They were so happy to have some spicy food as everyday it has been typically traditional English meals like Roasts, Fish and Chips etc. Luckily the curries went down very well!! 

Tomorrow we enjoy some workshops at the West End with some of the performers before getting on with some shopping and also watch a performance of The Lion King.

Day 6
Today was another action packed day in London. We arrived at Pineapple Studios to begin a dance workshop with a West End performer, Wade, who has performed in the Lion King, Rocket Man and Aladdin the newest Disney movie to be released soon. 

At first the students took some time to realise they could move and create shapes - and after a little practice - they were able to put together a wonderful piece of choreography based on the Lioness hunt in The Lion King. Sweaty and tired, our group headed off for some traditional British meat pies in Covent Garden.

After lunch we made our way to the British Museum as an ad hoc and unplanned gap in our schedule allowed us to fit it in. The main attraction was the Rosetta stone and the Egyptian collection, so the trip focused mainly on these. 

We split the group into two and sent the girls off to the clothing shops while the boys opted for the Apple store and others around Covent Garden. With bags in hand and wallets a lot lighter (I’m sure) we headed back to Pineapple studios to take part in a stage combat workshop run by a very experienced stunt director, Richard. The students thoroughly enjoyed this workshop - practicing punches and slaps, all staged to seem very real! 

The students worked up an appetite and we made our way into Theatreland and into a burger restaurant called Byron - serving really good burger and other meals.

A short walk after dinner saw us arrive at the Lyceum Theatre for the performance of The Lion King. This was an exceptional show with the most amazing props, sets and costumes! The students relished in listening to the familiar tunes and even recognising the characters of Timon and Pumbaa - who were both very good on stage! The show ended with a great standing ovation and left many of the students speechless. 

Catching a late train we headed back to our accommodation and settled in for the night. Tomorrow’s activities see us taking some music workshops and creating original music as well as some final souvenir shopping. 

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