Dear Parent,
This week was dominated by a lot of Quantum Learning. Last Saturday I had the privilege along with 50 parents from the school and from outside who came to listen to Mark Reardon, our Quantum facilitator from the USA, who came to talk to parents about being positive role models. It was an illuminating talk and I know he was asked many questions both throughout and at the end. 
On Monday there was a leadership seminar given by Mark and on Tuesday and Wednesday we had observations of class teachers where Mark and his team went around to many classrooms to observe the practical implementation of the Quantum Learning System for our Stage 2 accreditation. It has been an exhaustive couple of weeks but I believe that it is paying dividends and our students and our teachers are benefitting from this instruction.
Elsewhere Year 10 exams are underway and there have been many sporting fixtures played this week. Yesterday I saw the under-18 boys football team who played very well.  It must be remembered that they are playing two age categories above them as most of the other schools fielded sixth-formers. Our boys acquitted themselves very well. In Primary a point of conversation was the Year 5 ‘Bake it’ entry point which as always caused excitement, enjoyment and was thought-provoking – the whole aim of the IPC and Year 2 have been undergoing GL Assessments.
Today (Friday) is International day and I am looking forward to seeing it in action and indeed being a small part of it. I love seeing the enthusiasm of our students and the sheer joy. I hope that for those of you who manage to attend you also experience the same joy.
Thank you so much to all the parents and the Parent Committee who have organised, planned and set up this amazing International Day. My gratitude abounds for such a wonderful exhibition. Your attention to detail is superb and visually spectacular. I loved the approach you have taken. Thank you so much. You have brought the world’s unity in diversity to life. 

Kind regards
Stefano Piumatti
Principal of Taylor’s International School Puchong